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Mayflower Compact : 1620 - Essay Example

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The Mayflower Compact is about the legitimate formation of a civil body and the authorities to be extended to that body and the purpose for which the civil body is being formed. …
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Mayflower Compact : 1620
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Extract of sample "Mayflower Compact : 1620"

Mayflower Compact 1620 The Mayflower Compact is about the legitimate formation of a civil body and the authorities to be extended to that body and the purpose for which the civil body is being formed. The purpose of the formation of the civil body has been described as an authority that would govern the establishment of colony in the northern parts of Virginia. The document represents that the body would perform its functions under the delegation of authority of King James, of England, France and Ireland.
According to the document, the civil body would lead a voyage to establish the colony and it would govern the colony in order to establish a just and equitable society. The authorities of the civil body would include; enactment, constitution and framing of such laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and officers from time to time as the body seems convenient and good for colony. The document suggests that the authority itself would be bound by such laws formed itself and it would have the authority to enforce such laws in order to ensure a just and equitable society in the new colony.
The names of the persons who would be formed into the civil body are also provided at the end of the document. The authority delegated to the body would be exercised by the persons who constitute the either collectively or in such manner as may be prescribed by the civil body through a resolution to be signed by the members of the body.
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