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Early Formation of Our Government The United States of America - Essay Example

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Y: We can say that our history begins from Jamestown - the first British Colony. King James, the British king of that time, granted a charter to the Virginia Company to operate and live their. The site was located around 60 kilometers up the James River from the bay
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Early Formation of Our Government The United States of America
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"Early Formation of Our Government The United States of America"

Download file to see previous pages The other was the belief in covenants. Puritans believed that covenants existed not only between God and man, but also between man and man. The Pilgrims had used covenants in establishing their congregations in the Old World. The Mayflower Compact is such a covenant in that the settlers agreed to form a government and be bound by its rules.
X: A new tax was imposed on all the American colonists in 1765, which is known as the stamp act. This act states that all the American colonists should pay a tax on every piece of printed paper. The reason of the tax is to defend and protect the American frontier near the Appalachian Mountains, where 10, 000 troops were stationed to accomplish the task.
"The actual cost of the Stamp Act was relatively small. What made the law so offensive to the colonists was not so much its immediate cost but the standard it seemed to set. In the past, taxes and duties on colonial trade had always been viewed as measures to regulate commerce, not to raise money".
X: Yep, July 4, 1776 was the day when the unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America was passed. It is also considered the Independence day of America. The struggle which was started in the start of the eighteenth century was come to the end at a positive note.
In a nutshell, Americans did a lot to get the independence from the colonists, who were not loyal to the people of North ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Early Formation of Our Government The United States of America Essay.
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