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The Puritans - Essay Example

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On September 6, 1620, the Mayflower, a sailing vessel, started her "memorable voyage from Plymouth, England, with about 100 pilgrims aboard, bound for Virginia to establish a private permanent colony in North America." (Roark, et al, 2007). …
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The Puritans
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The Puritans

Download file to see previous pages... On September 6, 1620, the Mayflower, a sailing vessel, started her "memorable voyage from Plymouth, England, with about 100 pilgrims aboard, bound for Virginia to establish a private permanent colony in North America." (Roark, et al, 2007). Arriving on November 21, at what is now Provincetown, Massachusetts, 41 of them signed the famous Mayflower Compact. "A small detail of the pilgrims, led by William Bradford, assigned to select a place for permanent settlement, landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, on December 21." (Roark et al; 2007).The text of the document read: "We, having undertaken for advancement of the Christian faith and the Honour of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, docovenant and combine ourselves together into a civil Body Politick, for our better Ordering and Preservation, and Furtherance of the Ends aforesaid, andenact, constitute and frame such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Officesas shall be thought most meet and convenient for the General good of the Colony into which we promise all due Submission and Obedience" (Roark, et al; 2007)Shortly before Charles I dissolved Parliament in 1629, "many Puritans formed the Massachusetts Bay Colony and were granted a charter for colonization in New England". (Roark, et al; 2007; pp 77-101). In 1630 this group sailed for the New World, with elected governor John Winthrop to lead them. Aboard the ship Arbella, "Winthrop delivered a sermon to his followers about the significance of their journey and their duty as settlers to follow a righteous path and to adhere strictly to God's laws" (Roark, et al; 2007). He and his followers "established settlements around Boston in 1630." Unlike the Virginia colonists, "most migrants to New England were farmers or tradesmen of middle-class origin whocame as part of a family" (Roark, et al; 2007). Their "family ties reinforced their religious beliefs through interlocking institutions of family, church and community". Unlike their Chesapeake counterparts, New Englanders did not scatter across the land, but settled in numerous small towns located either on the coast or along a river. (Roark, et al; 2007) "The townspeople's strong pietyenforced remarkable religious and social conformity in the communities. The word of God-not elaborate ceremony--- was the focus of Puritan services; and Puritans considered 'church' to be not the building in which they worshipped but the men and women who entered into a solemn covenant with each other and with God to lead a holy and righteous life." (Roark, et al; 2007). Since Puritans were Calvinists, "they believed Christians must discipline their behavior to conform strictly to their religious ideas. Calvinism also preached the doctrine of predestination whereby individuals were either saved or damned according to God's predetermined choice; and their covenant required the disciplining of the entire community; church members were to observe the behavior of other members and report any transgressions to church elders whose job it was to punish violators of the community's covenant.
The church had no direct role in civil government; however, "the Puritans believed that government was ultimately subordinate to the church". They sought to make public life fully conform to their view of God's law, "expecting strict observance of the Sabbath, refusing to celebrate Christmas and Easter, and censuring games of chance, music and dancing, among other things" (Roark, et al; 2007) The Puritans "created a civil government that was governed by Puritans for Puritanism; the leading officials in towns of the Colony were the 'freemen' who had to be male church members; they could vote for governor, deputy governor and other colonial officials. When the number of 'freemen' became too large to meet conveniently, each town agreed to send two deputies to the General Court to act as the Colony's legislative body". ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics politics and religion
Influence of Puritanism on America in Economics, Politics, and Religion. Puritanism was the most influential mode of cultural history in the colonial America during the 17th century. In the beginning of the intellectual life, it was the Puritan above all others, who carried the seed of future while hiding in the ungainly robes of religion.
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It also illustrates the belief of the Puritans that being alone was dangerous, for it was believed that when people were alone, that then was the best time for the Devil to appear and try to sway those that had a belief in their own salvation on a darker path.
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The Physical/Mental State of Puritans (New England, 1692)
They introduced and advocated for practices closer as those stated in the bible. Puritan society in America began to disintegrate with the introduction of religious structures (Mather 33-39). Migration to England stopped with the onset of civil war and this in turn created economic turmoil in Massachusetts.
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America has for long been known as the ‘land of dreams.’ People leave their native homes to go to America in pursuit of dreams for a better future. This trend has not started in the past century; it dates way before. In tracing the history of the peoples of America, it becomes clear that a substantial portion of its residents are immigrants who settled.
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Compare and contrast the development of the colonists of Virginia, the Puritans of Massachusetts, and the Native Americans of th
The English men had emigrated from their land due to their religious indifferences that had caused a commotion in Europe. This group, the puritans had a mission to cleanse the church beginning with the freedom of religious beliefs. They had requested for a church reform early in 16th century which the English authority and the powerful Catholic faith leadership had refuted.
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A woman would only come second after a male child and was obliged to obey their husbands at whatever course. The strict observance of Biblical law made the women to be viewed more sinful than men following the story of Adam and Eve.
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The Act of 1593 against the Puritans and the Act against the Recusants
I, A. B., do humbly confess and acknowledge, that I have grievously offended God in condemning her majesty's godly and lawful government and authority, by absenting myself from church, and from hearing divine service, contrary to the godly laws and statutes of this realm, and in using and frequenting disordered and unlawful conventicles and assemblies, under pretence and colour of exercise of religion: and I am heartily sorry for the same, and do acknowledge and testify in my conscience that no other person has or ought to have any power or authority over her majesty: and I do [Page 496] promise and protest, without any dissimulation, or any colour or means of any dispensation, that from hen
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In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics ,politics ,and religion
t and saw that Anglican Church was so much like the Roman Catholic Church hence, they never saw any difference between the two churches (The Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church). The puritans left behind a legacy of their theological writing that is up to today
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In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics ,politics ,and religion
It was started by a few Marian exiles as an activist movement. The puritans were dissatisfied with the teachings and works of the Church of England and worked towards reforms in religion and the society. They
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Were the Puritans Puritanical (Carl Degler)
one of these outfits, but this would only be for the Sabbath and mourning, and actually the Puritans had a wider variety of clothes than is traditionally thought. Many of the Puritan restrictions on dress were actually focused on the class of the individual concerned. Puritans
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