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In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics ,politics ,and religion - Essay Example

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The puritans were the English reformers back in the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries hence these were people who strove for a purified worship from the taint of popery. These people came to be known as the puritans when they defected from the Anglican Church as they…
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"In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics ,politics ,and religion"

Download file to see previous pages Their principle tended to be Presbyterian and Calvinistic. The puritan’s finest writings were both devotional and polemic treatments of theology. Their big mission was to have the freedom of worship just like as one chooses (Digital History 1 and New Advent 1).
The New England puritans played a more crucial role in shaping America more than other group. They contributed a lot to the country’s (America) moral sensibility, sense of mission and its (America’s) work ethic. Some Americans (estimated to be eight million Americans) today can trace their ancestry roots back to the 15,000 to 20,000 puritans who drifted from the New England between the years 1629 and 1640. The puritans gave way to the birth of the next wave in Christian denominations. They brought major reforms to the America colonies and purified the Anglican Church (in the America) which led to the birth of the Baptists and Congregationalist in America (Digital History 1).
The puritans immigrated to America in search of religious freedom as they were escaping the religious torment they were facing in their former countries and their idea was not to establish a church that was more like the church of England (they did not like the mode of religion in the England hence, the religion did not satisfy them nor did it favor them). The puritan’s mission was to set up a religion that will make the America a role model for other states to follow (Brewer, Jaques, Jones and King 1).
American basic principle remains that of church separation form the state, this principle was largely influenced by the puritans hence the root of the practice (church separation from the state) was developed from the puritan’s idea of having a religious freedom (this made the religion to have a deep influence in the American life). This separation had a large impact as it protected the Americans from supporting a religion that was established and governed by the government (TCI 1).
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