In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics politics and religion - Essay Example

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Puritanism was the most influential mode of cultural history in the colonial America during the 17th century. In the beginning of the intellectual life, it was the Puritan above all others, who carried the seed of future while hiding in the ungainly robes of religion. …
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In what ways did the Puritans influence America in economics politics and religion
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Download file to see previous pages This pragmatism and idealism was carried through subsequent generations on high flights of thought. The Yankee pragmatism and Puritan idealism became the two sides of the American coin, which united in the New England character for a primitive synthesis of the native mind Influence of Puritans on the American Economics To the Puritan, therefore, the drama of salvation, with its quest of certainty, seemed like an economy of redemption, with its promise of success. In the influence of the American economy, the New England Puritan was engaged in a great game of transcendental politics, playing in the market of chance with a sovereign god whose dice were always loaded. However, Fey (19) supported that, the Puritans’ typos influenced the economy of redemption thus balancing and harmonizing the economy of the 18th century that gave way to a more radical evolutionary conception of the economy in nature. Puritans looked favorably on the economic success, another characteristic of individualistic values. Puritanism balanced the endorsement of economic activism with the aim of deterring behavior that led to poverty. In addition, Puritan moralists readily admitted that the poor were part of the human community and that charity could not earn spiritual merits. They suggested that those of means had a moral obligation to assist those poor whose poverty was no fault of their own. Puritan ethic affirmed human relationships. Some economics in America have considered a society’s view on the legitimacy of market-pricing and the charging of interest on loans to the main indicators of its friendliness to capitalism. As noted earlier, these issues were relatively small compared to the much broader issues of economic morality. But on pricing and marketing issues, the Puritans hewed to their logic: individual freedom in pricing and interest-collecting was endorsed, but this freedom was considered being absolute in the American economy. For instance, extreme price increases in time of scarcity were viewed not as a morally neutral, technical process that involved the supply and demand ideologies but as potential exploitation of others during the time of hardship. Various merchants including Robert Keayne discovered such limits on the market freedom when he was tried for excess profiting. As noted, property rights, wealth, and freedom to change interest or set prices were never viewed as absolute rights of individuals, but were contingent on serving a common good as well. Puritans were individualistic expressed mainly through a relational individualism that resisted tears in the human fabric (Frey 19). Influence of Puritans on the American politics According to Johnson (51), Christians of the early Roman period and for Puritans of the 17th century, prejudice was neither racist nor sexist but religious. That is what was commonly defined by many as cultural impact. This culturist behavior distinguishes exclusively most of the ideologies on the basis of moral character between some sense of the elect term and moral conscious. The same ambiguity was applied in large groups at the top and bottom of the social pyramid that English Puritanism characterized as the unproductive and parasitical individuals thus categorized as the apathetic. Cultural prejudice is a declining influence in modern American life. In it the conservative Puritan politics speak to a need for the accumulation of minorities; a mainstream theory of national identity as opposed to the mosaic theory for which most liberal minority leaders express preference. The Puritans made the social revolution to be slow in reaching the country. That allegation has been exempted not because the problem was solved, but ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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