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The Salem Witch Trials - How Did it Lead to a Less Religious Society - Research Paper Example

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Date: The Salem Witch Trials - How did it lead to a less religious society? The phenomenon of “witch” is carved out from the Celtic word Wicca, which symbolized, “the wise one”, or “the magician”. It is being acknowledged by renowned scholars that witch is a person presumed to have special powers that are not common to other living human beings…
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The Salem Witch Trials - How Did it Lead to a Less Religious Society
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"The Salem Witch Trials - How Did it Lead to a Less Religious Society"

Download file to see previous pages During the year of 1692, the Massachusetts Bay colony was deemed as an isolated but emerging puritan community in the wilderness of North America. The population in the area was significantly scattered. People inhibiting the isolated communities of the Salem village, were efficiently threatened due to the wild animals present there, and also the frequent attacks by the Native Americans. The most essential and interesting scenario of the Salem community was the spiritual beliefs and aspects of the members of the community. The vulnerable nature of the puritans inhibiting in the Salem village was deeply due to their religious beliefs, methods, and practices. The fundamentals of the puritans stressed on the fact that everything was in the hand of the almighty (Wilson, 7). It is god who determines the good fortune and prosperous health of a human being. Salvation was a gift from god. The puritan’s practice of worship included worship services, devotion, prayer, and self examination to achieve the blessings of the almighty. The puritans also effectively believed in the fact that god permitted Satan to cause temptation and torment the ones who deviated from the path of righteousness and acted immorally or those whose faith the almighty wanted to test (Wilson, 7). It was believed that the people who failed to follow the path of righteousness was subjected to misfortune, sickness, and endured with a prominent period of grief. It is also to be notified that the puritans had the belief that a Satan might also enter a person’s life in the form of a witch. This was very much prominent in the era of Salem’s witch trial, which was also a significant cause of the evolution of the American civil society (Wilson, 7-8) The thesis acknowledges the fact, “Salem Witch Trials was a significant factor of the evolution of American civil society. Separation of Church & State, and a breakdown of the strict puritan codes led to a less religious society, improving the justice system which later allowed for fair trials.” It is essentially problematic to actually ascertain the fact about what had occurred in Salem during the year of 1962, but a majority of historian and scholarly sources suggest that the Salem’s witch trial originated due to a particular incident. A group girls from the Salem village was diagnosed with unpredictable fits, followed by hysterical reactions, laughter and crying which was not intentionally provoked, incoherent babbling, attempts to fly, and also in some cases a hypnotic trance. The thing that preceded these incidents of bizarre fits were presumably a secret enchanting session with a woman named Tituba, a salve of the Indian origin from the Caribbean What preceded these bizarre fits apparently were secret enchanting, during which the woman Tituba, accompanied by several girls from the village practiced folk magic in order to predict the nature and identity of their husband before they are married. When the girls were diagnosed by the local doctor, no effective physical cause was found for such bizarre behavior. Due to the attitude and beliefs of that era, it was concluded as no logical explanation could be concluded, then there has to be a disturbing influence of the Satan. Due to the fact that two of them were from the house of a local minister, reverend Parris, he subsequently called the ministers from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Salem Witch Trials - How Did It Lead to a Less Religious Society Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1446883-the-salem-witch-trials-how-did-it-lead-to-a-less.
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Salem Witch Trials
Certain individuals believe that religious and political issues played a major role in causing the trials. The main reasons that caused the trials to take place are associated with the strange behaviors exhibited by Betty Parris and her cousin. These two young girls accused that Tituba an Indian slave and two other white females for practicing witchcraft and making the girls behave in strange manner.
3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper
Salem Witch Trials
His nine-year old daughter, Betty, and his niece, eleven-year-old Abigail Williams, exhibited uncanny behaviors. They hid under chairs, contorted their bodies, lashed out their tongues, and spoke in outlandish languages.2 Because Doctor Griggs cannot provide a physical explanation, he blamed witchcraft for these behaviors.
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What brought about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 What does this story tell us about the role/place of women in colonial America
It was a highly tensed and stressed time period in North America where the colony of Massachusetts was experiencing a tough transition phase of attaining the royal province period (Marilynne, p98). The colonized people of the Salem Village saw their colonization as a punishment for their sins.
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Salem Witch Trials or Womens Rights
The trials were viewed as women’s up rise in fighting for their rights as a fraction of women were empowered at the expense of others living in the society (Buchanan, 18). They were integrated by becoming one after the incidence as they were looking for ways to prevent such atrocities perpetrated by their oppressors, men from repeating itself in the society.
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Salem Witch Trials
ange positions, leading William Griggs, the village doctor, who validated his analysis by the direct name calling confessions in the cries by tormented young girls, to conclude that they, the girls, were indeed victims of witchcraft.1 From being free to being a captive with
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Causes of Salem wWtch Trials
Over 300 years after the fascinating story of the Salem witch-hunt, historians and scholars have continued to study the incident (Magoon, 2008). The colony of Massachusetts where the incident took place was small with scattered population and Puritans who were very strict in their Christians beliefs dominated the colony.
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Salem Witch Trials
In an effort to continuously inflict that idea amongst their female counterparts, the males had resorted to several mal practices such as abusive language and physical oppression. At its most extreme point, a woman was often stigmatized as a witch and a mockery of justice served in almost all the cases that convicted her to be guilty.
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Compare the representation on I tituba, black witch of salem (Maryse conde's) and the salem witch trials in the Crucible, film based on Arthur miller's play
Historians are of the opinion that Tituba used to entertain the children of Samuel Parris by telling Caribbean fables whereas Samuel’s wife told them English
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Salem Witch Trials (US HISTORY)
The trials were conducted as hearings and prosecutions of individuals, who were accused of witchcraft between 1692 and 1693 (Roach 24). The
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Research Paper on what influence the Salem Witch Hunts had on Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story Young Goodman Brown (1835)
Almost a century and a half later, in 1835, Nathaniel Hawthorne penned his “Young Goodman Brown,” a short story that takes place during the infamous witch hunt. As such, the events of the Salem Witch Hunt greatly influenced the creative mind of Hawthorne, providing him with historical information that he was able to combine with his own creativity, constructing a unique point of view into those horrific times.
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