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The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the Salem Witch Trials - Essay Example

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Exploring the actuality of events in The Crucible with reference to Salem Witch Trials Subject/topic Course Date Comparing the actuality of events in The Crucible with reference to Salem Witch Trials Early modern period in the world’s history can be termed as the most decisive era because of the influential impacts this specific tenure laid on the subsequent political and social scenarios and reformations…
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the Salem Witch Trials
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the Salem Witch Trials

Download file to see previous pages... The play was written in 1953 and presented a dramatized version of the events to such an extent that experts do not certify it as an authentic work on the trials that shook the theocratic society. This paper is an attempt to explore the differences and similarities shared by the real-life Salem witch trials and the literary version of that incident The Crucible. The paper will also advocate that the repressive environment of early modern period was the main cause behind such an event. Salem Witch Trials- A brief Overview: Salem Witch Trials are often regarded as the most high-profile case of mass hysteria in history. From 13th century onwards, religion and moral values took an obsessive form specifically in New England and the concept of evil also became deeply embedded, which was symbolized by witches who supposedly possessed demonic powers and pleased the devil by hurting innocent beings1. Gradually every abnormal behavior was associated with witchcraft. In the fall of 1692 two young girls, from the same household in Salem Village, Betty Parris (aged 9) and Abigail Williams (aged 11) started having strange fits and displayed behaviors that were “impossibly human” and beyond the understanding of doctors and ministers2. They crawled and hid under the furniture, felt that they were being poked or pricked, shouted and threw things on others, and twisted themselves into odd positions. Within no time many a lot of females including Ann Putnam Jr. and Elizabeth Hubbard started displaying similar signs and this generated chaos all over Salem. The girls accused Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne for casting spells on them and slowly every afflicted individual nominated and accused someone for witchcraft paving the way for a witch-hunt spree and the Salem Witch Trials. The trials were held against hundreds of Salem village residents and nineteen residents (mostly females) were hanged at Gallows Hill whereas one person named Giles Corey was stoned to death, and probably dozens languished in prisons without undergoing any trial.3 Historical Inaccuracies in The Crucible: Arthur Miller’s historical accuracy regarding the events and facts of these trials has been a topic of great debate lately. It is, indeed, true that Miller did fictionalize certain facts to suit the needs and demands of a literary play. However, it cannot be termed as an out-and-out inaccurate depiction of the proceedings of Salem Witch trials. As Miller himself explained in the preface of his text “this play is not history in the sense in which the word is used by the academic historian. However, I believe that the reader will discover here the essential nature of one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history”4. If the actual facts are to be considered, then Miller’s version shares some phenomenal contradictions. For instance, in The Crucible, the writer invented a ritual of wild dance in the forest followed by recitation of charms for depicting the activities that were mistaken as witch-craft. 5 This probably was done to ensure maximum interest and engrossment from the audience. However, in reality, Tituba was accused for telling stories from Heinrich Kramer’s 1687 publication Malleus Maleficarum, which contained concepts like Voodoo, fortune ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describe the causes, events, and consequences of the Salem Witch Trials
The witch hunts were a direct response to these evil pagan forces hiding among the good Christian people. However, the truth of it is that Witchcraft is a pagan religion having little to do with attacking innocent people and the image of a green, "evil witch" is a modern creation.
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The Crucible
Miller became a distinguished playwright when he wrote 'The Crucible' in 1953.The play was written so that Miller could show how the McCarthyism in 1950's America related to the witchcraft trials that were recorded in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Miller wrote this play during the McCarthy period when many of his friends were being attacked for their pro-Communist beliefs.
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Compare the representation on I tituba, black witch of salem (Maryse conde's) and the salem witch trials in the Crucible, film based on Arthur miller's play
Historians are of the opinion that Tituba used to entertain the children of Samuel Parris by telling Caribbean fables whereas Samuel’s wife told them English
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The crucible
cCarthy and his ongoing hearings with House Un-American Activities committee, which its playwright, Arthur Miller, had been forced to testify before (many years after the play was written). Act IV was the final act of the play and to many; it is the most gripping act of the
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller
John Proctor’s character changed as the play progressed as the impression that readers have of him in the beginning is not the same they have of him in the middle of the play and even in the latter stages of the play.
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The Crucible
g for his daughter Betty who together with Abigail, Tituba and other girls are believed to have been involved in performing occult activities in a nearby forest (Pleasanton, par. 1). The reverend is praying for her daughter because she fainted when he discovered the group
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The Meaning of Crucible is a Severe Test or Trial
Trials characterizes the play ‘crucible’, and John proctor is one of the character that undergoes sever trial throughout the play, to the point where he is giving false confessions on the one hand, and then retracting the same, to pursues the values of honesty and integrity, on the other hand. Deep inside, proctor is a good man.
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Salem witch trials and the crucible
It was in this very era that colonialism and communism took the better part of the universe. Most of the state leaders had embraced communism and severely punished those who were seen to be going against the concept. Leaders like McCarthy
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The Crucible: Character Note Chart
Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” is about the village Salem in Massachusetts where honest Puritans lead God-fearing life. Everything in their own little world is explained by Lord’s will
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller
This play nevertheless touches a number of more important and more serious problems, such as social prejudices, religion, women rights, the difficulty of moral choice, marriage as institution. Probably being suspected
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