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Why was stable democracy so late in coming to Germany - Essay Example

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Followed by most nations across the world, the concept of a democracy has been widely accepted as the form of government that allows political freedom to the maximum number of people in a country. It is thus,…
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Why was stable democracy so late in coming to Germany
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"Why was stable democracy so late in coming to Germany"

Download file to see previous pages Such fights have often bore fruit with the result of a greater freedom to the masses of a nation and the distribution of power into a wider pool.
Stable democracy has been often defined as one that is able to endure over a large period of time. Some commentators put this at twenty-five years while others prescribe other amounts of time to qualify a democracy as a stable one. This however leads one to the question of whether one may be able to call a democracy a stable one if it meets the condition of durability but is closer in its sensibilities to an authoritarian regime. This has caused the rise of other views as to what constitutes a stable democracy, such as the state’s ability to pacify its citizens and provide them with an incentive for the continuation of the regime (Mundt, 2010). This makes it
A major reason to which the success of democratic regimes all over the world has been ascribed is the rise of nationalism, which in turn, was a consequence of the rise of the bourgeoisie. The rise of the bourgeoisie led to an increase in trade and commerce which in turn flourished because of the colonial expansions that took place during the nineteenth century (it had been happening for a very long time by then, but it reached a crescendo with the onset of the Industrial Revolution). The increase in the importance of industry as a means of producing wealth required the importance to shift from land, which was the case till then. The rise of the bourgeoisie led to the commencement of many revolutions in different parts of Europe that took inspiration from the French Revolution of 1789 (Hobsbawm, 2008). These revolutions accelerated the onset of democracy in many countries, since most of them were based on ideologies that promoted egalitarianism. Following these revolutions, aristocracy died a slow death in most of the countries that they occurred. This was the beginning of a process of transition that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why was stable democracy so late in coming to Germany
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