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History Final - Essay Example

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The fall of the Roman Empire made Europe scatter. The German became much aggressive in 1890 and this made them to demand for a greater emperor like England and france.Europe settlers provided land for the Germans, Australia and Belgium for the sake of…
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History Final
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"History Final"

Download file to see previous pages The Germans made an alliance with Australia while Belgium and Netherlands were neutral.UK alleged protection for Belgium. German declared war since it did not like the encirclement from the Russia and France. War communed when Serbia was fired from the Hungarian moved against Serbia while German helping them, Russia rose to defend the slave.
The war began against Serbia by Austria- hungaria.This made Russia o come to defend the Serbia of which they invited their ally France to assist with the war German colluded with Belgium and France then moved to Russia. Paris was then evacuated in France causing the French warfare to start. This British were therefore killed by the French
US in war.US entered in war in 6 April 1917 when German put a policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. This was threatening America’s commercial shipping and they had to fight against these policies.
The Second World War was as a result of the rise of dictatorial, military regimes in Germany, Japan and Italy, an occurrence arising from the Great Depression that was present in the world in the early 1930s. This part will examine the occurrence of the Second World War. The American depression produced effects especially in Europe. Germany had an economic disaster that resulted into social displacement. This made Hitler to rise.
When the League failed to stop the second Japanese war in 1931, there were treaty violations. Hitler recreated German army in 1933 to prepare for war. In 1936 Hitler regrouped the Rhineland. Between 1935 and 1936 Mussolini won Ethiopia for Italy. From 1936 to 1939 the Spanish war started. Germany and Italy assisted the forces of Francisco to win the victory. “In 1938, Germany annexed Austria, and in September1938, the British and French policy of conciliation toward the Axis reached its height with the sacrifice of much of Czechoslovakia to Germany in the Munich Pact”. (Anonymous)
In 1939, Germany engaged all of Czechoslovakia while Italy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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