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Hitler's table talk - Term Paper Example

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Hitler Table Talk The book is a record of private conversations and statements attributed to Adolf Hitler from 1941 to 1944. In this book, Hitler expressed his views on diverse matters such as politics, war, education, economics, religion, history, language, e.t.c…
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Hitlers table talk
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"Hitler's table talk"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, he viewed Europe as a racial entity not a political entity. He praised the diligence and ingeniousness of the Germans. He disliked the French, the English and the Russians. He, however, expressed his respect for the English. He equally respects the Italians, attributing the success of the National Socialism in Germany to the Fascist success in Italy. The English were proud yet incapable of creative inventions. His dislike for the Russians was apparent. He considered the Russians as lazy people, who are not motivated to work. Russians are not capable of doing anything good. If at all, some good came out of a Russian, it is due to the “Aryan blood in his vain” (Cameron and Stevens 4). He dislikes Russians but dreamt of conquering Russia to acquire the wealth of St. Petersburg. He planned to colonize Russia by employing soldier-peasants as the Colonial Masters. He desired the Eastern Europe, with Russia and Ukraine as the main targets, his lands of conquest. He has no objective of going outside Europe to colonize other races. He was determined to crush any resistance from the Russians. He also dreamt of colonizing the Ukraine by using soldier-peasants and the Baltic states by employing the Dutch, Norwegians and the Swedes.. Once colonized, he will turn Ukraine into an agricultural country that will provide raw materials for the expanding German industries. He also has the same plan for Rumania. In fact, his plan was that Rumania, also an eastern European country, should stop any form of industrialization, and focus on directing the wealth of her soil to German industrial growth and in return, Germany will supply Rumania finished products. Furthermore, the Russians will be denied education. They are to remain illiterate. His plan was to make Eastern Europe reliant on Germany industry. In fact, he planned was to prevent military and economic power from rising in any country that is east of Germany. This was mainly a military strategy, which will prevent Germany’s western military rival from allying with military powers east of Germany. This will secure Germany position. The book also shows Adolf Hitler’s perception of the German people. He loves Germany. Germans are superior to any race. The Germans are hardworking people. German scientists dominated the American scientific community. Furthermore, he believed that the German Army was technically the best in the world, better than the English Army. He based his claim on the historical fact that two out of the three wars of annihilation, Cannae, Sedan and Tannenberg, where fought by the German Army. He planned to improve that military record by adding the conquest of Russian, Poland and Western Europe to the historical list of wars of annihilation. He praised the initiative of the German military as against the lack of initiative that exist with the German civil administration. He was not opposed to mistakes in so far as they yield long-term positive results. In his opinion, mistakes are inevitable and those in charge should take responsibility. The German civil administration, according to Hitler was overloaded, lack initiative and over- organized. He attributed the lack of initiative with fear of making mistakes. Indeed, he compared the English administrative style in India with the one in Germany. While the English governed successful a hundred and fifty million people with a hundred and forty-five thousand men, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hitler's table talk
This to me is a very interesting factor that perhaps is a common characteristic among men of his stature. Even to this day, the distinctive features of the German army during his reign and his most prominent haircut and facial hair are a sensitive subject whenever attempts at emulation exist.
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Hitler's Harvest: Cashing in on the Crisis
When the Weimar Republic did not seem to have the remedies to resuscitate Germany from its post-World War I economic and social chaos ? of which many blamed on the Treaty of Versailles and the victors of the war ? a climate for welcoming change and extreme nationalism came rolling across the nation (Peukert 13).
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Hitler's Table Talk
He had good tactics in the army too, which earned him top ranks. Though he no longer lives, his thoughts still live in the world as he authored several books which have a record of his thoughts. When the world reads his thoughts it gets to understand his instinctual beliefs, which probably influenced his actions.
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The Christian Right and Hitler's Nazis
Critics of religious movement often argue that all religious movement exhibit fundamental aspects1. Thus, it is arguable that there is no big difference between the religious movements. Fundamentalist tend to take a hard stand when it comes to interpreting and implementing religious believes.
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Hitler book
The talks also expose various attitudes that Hitler had towards Germany’s warring partners and confidants, as well. His notions on subjects as religion are evident from the talks. Hitler addresses the subject of Aryans and Russians and view of the fascist movement.
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Reaction Essay
Hitler‘s conversations are in Germany, hence a translation was made by R.H Stevens and Norman Cameron. This book is an up-close encounter with the man himself and his views on issues concerning his beliefs, ideologies, philosophies and principles. This book details his conversations where Adolf Hitler is seen expressing his mind.
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Hitlers Table Talk, 1941-1944
If the writings of Trevor-Roper were clearly branded by many European historians as a fake almost immediately after publication, the situation with the other two is more complicated. The other two authors, in contrast
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Hitler's Death
Adolf Hitler was said to have committed suicide, alongside with his 40-hour wife, Eva Braun. He and his wife were found dead in his bunker in Berlin. According to the German Fuehrer’s allies, they were gathered approximately 50 meters from their leader’s bunker when they heard a gunshot.
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Hitlers table talk
Hitler praised the German army on the night of July 24. In his opinion, it was perfect in the world. He believed that the German soldier was safer and sounder than any other soldier was and was truly happy that he had lived to witness its victory.
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Hitler's Table Talk
The researcher of this essay discusses the history of Hitler’s table talk, that is described as complex since many people were involved in the note taking. The researcher then presents and analyzes Hitler’s comments on religion Hitler’s comments on English Language, his comments on war and his personal life.
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