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Hitler book - Term Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Hitler’s Table Talk The talks reveal several private arguments and decisions that Hitler made during the Second World War. The recorded monologues of Hitler disclose his thoughts on diverse issues including the war and Germany’s relations with other countries…
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Hitler book
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"Hitler book"

Download file to see previous pages According to Hitler, the Russian movement had direct links to anarchy. Hitler refers to the Russian movement as one that does not warrant references as a high society. The Aryans are industrious while Russians do not embrace handwork. The Russians cannot return to nature since they view it as a return to primitive form of life. Addressing the concern on coal and petroleum, Hitler maintains that petroleum is available in many parts while people tend to deplete the reserves on coal. He highlights that petroleum is renewable but exploitation of coal is a destruction of the soil. According to Hitler, man is the most dangerous being. Man is the cause of every single problem in the world. The imagination of Hitler about the new Europe is that of a frontier society. He views St. Petersburg as one of the beautiful cities. Hitler talks of the natural devoutness of man citing that the piety man is one who thinks extensively about the world. Hitler refers to the progress of technology as reason that betrayed liberalism. On the nature of God, Hitler maintains that religion is a source of refuge for humankind. He notes that there is no God in Russia and still the people face death. He also maintains that National Socialism is incompatible when it occurs together with belief in religion. The coming of Christianity was the greatest blow to humanity. There should be no Islam without Christianity. Hitler maintained beliefs that the end of the war would be a beginning of good relations between Germany and England. He believed in the competence of the German army. On the relationship with Rumania, Hitler maintained that it would supply Germany with food while Germany supplies it with weapons and technology. He condemned monarchy and opted for the existence of a republic. On unemployment, Hitler says that Germany is the only country with full employment (Cameron and Stevens 42). Hitler expressed worries only a small portion, nearly a quarter, of the surface of the earth is available for humanity while the wealth in the world is inexhaustible (Cameron and Stevens 53). Hitler worries on how to solve the challenge of unemployment. Hitler maintains that optimism is among the greatest characters that humanity should nature. A pessimist’s mind can cause a soldier to lose a battle. Hitler maintains that Britain must drive for peace of the world. He condemns Winston Churchill for betraying the curiosity of his empire. According to Hitler, Churchill took advantage of the Great Britain’s interest by allegedly channeling for diversion. Churchill misused the patriotism that the English people granted upon him. He also misused the trust that the people placed upon him. Hitler declares that he does not subscribe to idealism. In his view, subjects should not bear responsibility for the mistakes of their rulers. In Hitler’s opinion, Churchill failed to convince the people that they could win the war. This was being pessimistic about the state of the war. The English should blame Churchill for their failure to win the war. Hitler expressed his opinion on the government in Europe and that in the U.S. The U.S had its origin as a republic and that forms its foundation. European countries, however, had their origin from monarchial powers. The apparent republic, therefore, took from monarchial regimes. Germany, according to Hitler, was the only European country that resembled the U.S because of its good governance as a republic. Hitler praises himself for saving Germany from adopting a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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