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The Nature of God - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date The Nature of God The nature of God is a complex philosophy that is not fully understood by man. Many people have tried to come up with explanation of the nature of God, with each of these persons based on their opinion about facts from diverse aspects…
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The Nature of God

Download file to see previous pages... Therefore, people that find it in their hearts to follow the nature of God will have progress in their lives. Hitler states that a person discovered that the nature of God is a wonderful notion. According to the nature of God, there are several laws that have been put in place. If a man wants to understand the nature of God, he must try to understand that the nature of God has various laws. The almighty has laws which should be fully obeyed to the latter (Hitler, Trevor-Roper and Weinberg, 234). Obeying these laws is a form of understanding the nature of God without questioning why the laws were instated. This will lead mankind into getting a better understanding the ways of almighty in all aspects. In essence, a man should strive to worship these laws as instated by the almighty. Apparently, Hitler states that these laws are revitalized by priests and leaders who exploit the feeling in people. Since a human has the notion that the laws should be observed, priests ensure the laws are followed to the latter. This is instigated by the fact that priests and the leaders threaten punishments on human beings for not observing these laws. Consequentially, a man is threatened by punishments, especially when the punishment is coming from the almighty. Therefore, men will strive to observe the laws that are stated by the nature of God. The nature of God can be understood by the fact that it offers refuge to all that seek refuge in the almighty. Hitler states that all people need refuge and protection. This is a strong statement that needs artistic evaluation on the type of refuge that a man seeks. A person does not have refuge in other men or any other place in the world. This leaves a single option in the world, which is the almighty. Therefore, the nature of the Lord is to offer refuge to the people that seek refuge (Hitler, Trevor-Roper and Weinberg 237). The nature of God, as stated by Hitler will offer consolation and help humans in time of unhappiness. Therefore, people that seek consolation should find it in the almighty as the nature of God states that God is the ultimate consolation. Nevertheless, Hitler shows contradiction as he states that Russians do not have God but they are not prevented from facing death. According to Hitler, the nature of God does not allow religion and socialism to exist as one. Therefore, they can never exist together. In the light of this statement, it is explicitly stated that religion will have to exist on its own. Apparently, it is openly seen that religion should not be mixed with other aspects in the world. This can be explained from the ancient prophets that were instated to explain the nature of God. The nature of God does not allow mixing religion with other aspects of the world as they are likely to affect religion. As such, religion should be left to exist on its own (Hitler, Trevor-Roper and Weinberg 245). This will enhance the growth of religion, which will bring better understanding in concerns to the nature of God. Hitler continues to state that in the long run, the two will never exist at the same time. National Socialism is a different aspect that will never exist in religion. Therefore, there should be a discrepancy between the two as there will be no time in the world where the two will be mixed and exist as a single entity. This is not particularly the nature of God to bring together two entities that are insoluble. Therefore, a man must strive to observe this particular issue in the world. Though this seems like war, Hitler ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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