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Theology of Missions Name: Institution: Contents Contents 2 Texts that relate to missions 3 Old Testament 3 New Testament 4 How the nature of God relates to mission theology 4 Mission theology, Ecclesiology and trinity 5 Themes of mission theology 6 Relationship of mission theology to missionary, church and lay men 7 Bibliography 8 Texts that relate to missions Old Testament Joseph was a young man loved and cherished by him father Jacob…
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Theology of Missions
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Download file to see previous pages According to the genesis 45 and 50, Joseph was never keen to revenge, rather he was swift to delivery him people from trouble. This is the making of any missionary sent by God in the history of the bible. Joseph confessed that what his brothers intended to evil, God intended for good to deliver the children of Israel from the danger of famine. This means that Joseph was commissioned by God to save the children1. The Old Testament records that for as long as Joseph was the prime minister, the children of Israel lived in Goshen, and had quality life. The role of Moses is crucial in the role of missions as accounted for in the holy bible. Prophet Moses was a leader sent by God to carry out an expansive mission to deliver the children of Israel from Egypt. Moses became the voice of God to the Jewish people. Moses had a special purpose to counter the Egyptian gods and the tyranny of pharaoh. According to exodus chapter 12, God clearly sent Moses. This indicates that Moses was a missionary acting to represent the purposes of God. His was also to deliver a living God to Israelites in Egypt. Moses was explicit to the Egyptian authority on who sent him and His mission. According to Deuteronomy, Moses’ exhortatory appeal to the children of Israel stressed on the need to obey God and the divine law. New Testament According to Mathew 28, from verse 20 Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach the gospel. This text indicates the desire of the Lord Jesus to have His kingdom spread by the disciples and those who believe in His words. Jesus explained to role of the trinity in the great commission. Jesus commissioned disciples to make other disciples around the world. The text exposes a passionate desire for Jesus to have a generation believers to carry out His mission in His physical absentia. The disciples were empowered and legally duty bound to win souls to the kingdom of God. This was God’s plan of salvation. Act1:8 explains that the desire of Jesus to have the kingdom spread from Jerusalem to Judea, Samarian and the uttermost parts of the earth. This is a New Testament text that relates to mission. Jesus explained that His sole desire was to have the world evangelized through mission work. The text explained that Jesus was focused on winning souls across the world through mission initiatives. Later, in an encounter with Saul, Jesus said he was a chosen vessel to bear His name. How the nature of God relates to mission theology It is evidently vivid the nature of God related to missions. The house of Israel was termed as the people of God. Therefore, they were the object of God’s lessons to other nations. God spoke and explicitly intended the nations to know His might by considering His dealings with Israel2. According to Deuteronomy chapter 8, God had promised that he would lift the nation of Israel above all other nations on the face of the earth. In the sight of gentile nations, God wanted to be seen as both living and Holy, (Isaiah 61:9-11). The nature of God is revealed to the non-believers by the quality of life seen in those who are called by His Name. This is the reason God offered both blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience. The blessings indicated the desire for God to reveal His might through making the nation mighty and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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