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Name 7th May 2013 Hitler’s Table Talk Hitler’s Table talk consists of notes of Hitler’s casual conversations during lunch and dinner time. These conversations were made in the presence of close friends and colleagues and present an unhindered access in the mind of Adolf Hitler – one of the worst tyrants that the world has seen…
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Download file to see previous pages Discussion on the influence of religion in Germany and other countries. Hitler has shown complete contempt for the Russian communist movement. He says that this movement has led to complete anarchy in the country. He compares the Russian communist movement with the fascist movement in Germany which he claims is an attempt to return to the traditions of the ancient Rome. Hitler considers Aryans to be the most genetically powerful people. The Fuehrer also disapproves of the Russian work ethic. He says that the Russian does not work unless there is some external pressure on him. This is in stark contrast to Germans who have are naturally hard workers and thus superior to the Russians. If Hitler did not like the Russians, he had little love lost for their ruler – Stalin. He says that Stalin started his career as a clerk and has remained one all through the years. He does not have any novel ideas and plans. He is able to rule Russia only because of a dedicated and mindless bureaucracy which follows every order given by him. Although Hitler hated Russians but he valued the territory of Russia which was rich in resources like coal and mineral oil. He claimed that Russia will serve the same purpose for Germany as India did for England. Hitler has shown both contempt as well as admiration for England. His views and feelings towards this country have moved from one extreme to another. He is full of admiration for the administrative capability of the English and the immense pride that they have in their country. He claims that England is superior to Germany in pride and administration and we can learn some invaluable lessons in these two fronts. The Fuehrer is full of praise as to how the English were able to control and colonize the Indians in spite of being numerically inferior. He claims that the reason for this was administrative capabilities of English. Germany needs to learn these capabilities in order to colonize Russia just as England colonized India. However Hitler is also furious with England for denying the due share of Germany. He accuses England of stifling German trade with tariff protection, international agreement and discrimination against our products. Hitler had great hopes for the future of England-Germany relations. He says that the 2 countries will not only co-exist peacefully but also march together against the Americans one day. But before all this happens , England needs to be knocked out by the Germans. This is because due to their pride , England will not respect Germany if they are not defeated by us. The memory of 1918 needs to be completed obliterated with a crushing defeat of English armies. The only country which Hitler has praised in his book is Italy .He claims that both Germany and Italy have been propelled to the path of glory by the efforts of single man. He has shown immense praise for the work done by Mussolini .He has praised the attitude of Italian people and also the Italian architecture which he considers as far superior to the French architecture. In this book Hitler has shown contempt for religion in general and Christianity in particular. He has claimed that Christianity is an invention of the Jews. He says that it is much better to respect the laws of the nature than the laws which have been made by priests. Hitler claims priests use the ignorance of people in order to extract benefits from them. He calls Christianity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words. https://studentshare.org/history/1477608-germany.
“Germany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1477608-germany.
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Americans are also very much like them in this respect. Unlike Germans and Americans, people of Britain make their speech formal so as to regulate the tension words might convey to the listener (Culture Smart! Germany 41). Although, it is a good practice, yet it has its own cons.
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