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What lead the German people to fully accept Hitler's views on how society should be run - Essay Example

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Leaving a country weak will create a vulnerable society where a leader can easily manipulate countrymen. This is evident when examining Hitler’s Nazi Germany…
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What lead the German people to fully accept Hitlers views on how society should be run
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"What lead the German people to fully accept Hitler's views on how society should be run"

Download file to see previous pages Our conception of Hitler is different from how the Germans perceived him. History shows that Hitler is a diabolical person who championed the holocaust. However, there was a substantial number of Germans who believed and supported Hitler’s ideas. At that time most Germans idealized Hitler as the fighting leader of German. Hitler believed that Germans were the superior race; this made him take his nationalistic activities too seriously. Hitler’s views made Germans feel important at a vulnerable stage of their lives. Germany was going through a difficult situation as a result of the World War 1. Hitler presented himself as the hero to the ailing state and manipulated the emotions of the people for his selfish interests. It took Hitler 10 years to be the Chancellor of Germany. During that time, Germans were feeling disillusioned about their leadership, economy, and the social life (Klaus 213) He exerted his extremist and nationalistic ideas, which were welcomed by the vulnerable Germans. Just like any popular leader, Hitler used almost all brainwashing techniques on the vulnerable Germans. ...
The party amassed a huge following among the middle class and the workers because of the enigmatic and radical leadership of Hitler. The meetings of the Nazi party were violent because the party members wanted to impose their opinions on others; however this did not alarm the Germans because at that time there was a lot of violence in the German streets particularly from the Frei Corp and the Communists. Hitler’s radical views were against the Weimar Republic. He strongly condemned the leadership for the misfortunes that had befallen Germany. He spoke about it in his rallies, which motivated the people who already thought that Weimar republic was dull and had no capability of restoring the German nationalism. Nazi, on the other hand was considered radical, action oriented and capable of restoring German’s nationalism under the leadership of Hitler. Therefore, Hitler’s action and words played a big part in convincing the Germans that Hitler cared about them. Hitler dwelled on nationalist ideas. Germany at that time was a bruised nation. After the First World War, Germany had lost a lot, particularly its power. In those days, there was rivalry between nations in Europe on who was superior more than the other. When Germany and their allies lost the world war, their superiority was at stake. People were no longer feeling nationalistic after the war as they used. Hitler maximized on the topic of nationalism. Nationalism was the nerve centre of his Nazist activities. In his book, meim kampf, he wrote that Germans are a portrayal of racial purity and they are destined to be the master race. Hitler made Germans feel superior and important at the time the nation was at its rock bottom. He made Germans believe that they were a part ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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