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Psychoanalysis of Hitler Behavior Traits - Research Paper Example

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This research paper talks about the transactional analysis for identifying mental illnesses, abnormal and maladaptive behaviors. Taking the example of Adolf Hitler, this paper will attempt to explore how Hitler’s inaccurately placed emotions and thinking was developed from his childhood experience…
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Psychoanalysis of Hitler Behavior Traits
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Extract of sample "Psychoanalysis of Hitler Behavior Traits"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper "Psychoanalysis of Hitler Behavior Traits" analyses Hitler's emotions and thinking, and their influence on Hitler's actions during his whole life.
The life script that individuals develop in the early years of their lives is directed to the achievement of something. It is a response to the external factors that act upon the child; rather than an involuntary phase. The child develops his or her life script after trying to comprehend the world around. More importantly, the life script model is buttressed and influenced by the parents' pressure. The script governs the future actions of the child; throughout his life, he or she will try to mold the reality according to the realization of his or her goals and objectives.
Many psychologists contend that Hitler had several psychological disorders; however, none of them resulted in an irrational and psychologically odd attitude. Hitler was well aware of the decisions that he took and their consequences. He was cognizant of how deeply embedded evil was in his actions and did take decisions that demonstrated rationality. Robert Waite was of the view that Hitler was insane and his terrible actions and acts of evil can be a result of his unsteady childhood. Many psychologists and historians such as Waite regarded Hitler as sexually deprived because he had one testicle. Waite gave explanations for the intent of Hitler’s brutal actions such as the Holocaust as having emerged due to a poor childhood and lack of sexual life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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