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Human Services in Contemporary America - Assignment Example

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According to this assignment, psychoanalysis finds its roots in Sigmund Freud’s idea of the unconscious mind. “Psychoanalysis is based upon the observation that individuals are often unaware of what underlies their emotions and behavior” (Burger, _, p. 170). …
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Human Services in Contemporary America
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Download file to see previous pages The liberation of the individual from these unconscious thoughts which have either facilitated the neurosis or hampered personal growth remains the core principle of psychoanalysis. Personally, I have come to appreciate how psychoanalysis has contributed to better understand myself. I have found value in bridging past experiences to present reactions and perspectives. I came to realize that my anxiety and frustrations about particular events and conditions are related to my childhood experiences, especially in the relationships I have with my parents. The ability to find how the past shapes my present expectations has helped me to change perspective, and be able to handle frustrations and anxiety in a more positive light. Thus, I continue to practice self-reflection and self-analysis; having come to terms that personal growth can only happen through a deeper understanding of oneself.
2. According to Jung, in order to develop as a full person, a man must express his feminine dimension (anima), and a woman must express her masculine side (animus). What specific traits do you see in yourself from both the feminine and masculine dimensions? How do you think this is related to 
One of the descendants of Freud, Carl Jung, proposed the contrasexual attitudes at work in the unconscious of each individual, which needed to become assimilated into consciousness for personal development. He identified the anima, which is the feminine dimension, and the animus, the masculine dimension. I welcome Jung’s explanation as I can see how I have manifested both feminine and masculine traits. My ability to listen and understand others are expressions of my anima. Most of my friends attest their appreciation for my presence and understanding while they go through major difficulties in life. I believe also that my abilities to think logically and assert myself intellectually are manifestations of my animus side. An awareness of these dimensions in an individual has made me conscious of the struggles of my clients in acknowledging and appreciating the animus and animal sides.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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