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A book by Famous Political Realist Hans Morgenthau, “Politics among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace” is a book about power politics and political realism. Written by a famous and international political activist in the year 1948, the proved to be a continued…
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Politics Among nations
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Download file to see previous pages Objective laws, similar to political laws, trace their descent back to the human race.
Comparing Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill’s foreign policies the author highlights that while the former had a very clean set of moral intentions still his foreign policy did not prove to be substantially good for the world as a whole. For the latter, however, he said that Churchill was always narrow minded but still his foreign policy proved to be an example for the foreign policies that were to be made for generations to come.
In order to distinguish between political and non political facts it is essential that the concept of interest be defined in terms of power. The author ascertains form this fact that the actions and thoughts of political leaders are governed by power.
The political and cultural context in which a foreign policy is made is essential and cannot be over looked. The power that governs the political leaders is not the only thing that is required to construct the foreign policy.
The cultural and moral values of a particular nation cannot be ascertained as the sole representatives of an entire universe’s moral and cultural values. Thus, it can be said that a single nation’s moral values hold separately from the entire universes’.
A politically realistic approach to the autonomy of a political sphere would be asking of the following question: “Is this politically realistic approach effective on the power and realistic nature of the nation as a whole?”
In my opinion this is a comprehensive theory that governs the human population as a whole. Anything that is not connected to the morals of human beings cannot be significantly true of them. thus it can very well be ascertained that the famousness of these six rules of political realism are highly justified and should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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