History of Perus Independence - Research Paper Example

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This paper describes the independence struggles Peru went through and the problems it faced in forming its constitution. Colonial conditions in Latin America started way back in the 1500’s. Peru was one among those countries were Inca civilization was more prominent. …
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History of Perus Independence
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Download file to see previous pages Peru is an independent nation - a division of Latin America that was separated during the Colonial period. The Colonial period which lasted for about 400 years laid the base for development and evolution of Latin America. Latin America was worst affected by the Colonial regimen undergoing several problems each mutilating periodically. The problems included evacuation of the native population, replacement of power and as a result, development of the country seemed to be a herculean task. The native people were the ones who suffered due to the Colonial invasion. (Keen, 2007). Sanitation was not provided and hence new diseases started to spread taking a toll on the lives of the people. Floods and famines also contributed to the death of native people. Even the culture of Latin America underwent a complete change due to the zealous priests who opposed the native culture. Exploitation was felt more than the development of the country. This resulted in problems which later led to a situation where the people had to bring about a new change. Even the constitutional powers were under their control which modified the entire government.
The Colonial history proved to be advantageous as well as disadvantageous to the natives. Some of the colonial aspects helped in improving the identity of the nation and this helped the country to gain popularity among the other countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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