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They gained their independence courtesy of the falling Spanish empire due to the effects of the Napoleonic invasions directed to the Peninsula of Ibes from 1808-1814. (Falola…
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Can it be decided by you
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Download file to see previous pages However, their strong holds were later to be shaken. As a matter of fact the major political changes in the region occurred from 1809 to 1825. This is according to the website. (, 2009)
The royal family of Portugal stayed on in Brazil and a treaty was signed between Portugal and England in 1810 and this overlapped the treaty of Methuen of the year 1703. This recognized a direct accessibility to Brazil by the traders of Britain which made faster the movement towards the political independence of Brazil. (Birmingham, 2003 p99) This study is set out to analyze the Brazilian case of independence movement and make a comparison of this case with other Latin American Spanish colonized states. To this an answer will be provided for the study question, “How was the Spanish- Latin American countries’ independence movements more violent compared to Brazil?”
The Brazilian case of decolonization was not devoid of bloodshed. This is as it is written on the website. Towards the end of year 1821, the Cortés were involved in a voting, with just few Brazilian delegates taking part. The voting led to the abolishment of the kingdom of Brazil as well as the royal Rio de Janeiro agencies. The voting also sought to ensure that all provinces subordinated directly to the city of Lisbon. Subsequently, Portugal drove its army troops to Brazil and also placed all the units of Brazil under the command of Portugal.
In the beginning of year 1822, the Brazilians who were born in Portugal and the troops of Portugal had a lot of tension between them. This turned into a violent ordeal when Pedro made an acceptance of Brazilian towns’ petitions who wanted his refusal of the order by Cortés to go back to Lisbon. Following this, Pedro responded to the pressure as well as the fact that if he dismantled the central government and departed it would cause separatist movements, by vowing to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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