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The essay “A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution” provides several facets of diplomacy during the American Revolution. The author was able to cover multiple angles of the diplomatic history during that era, including the nation’s diplomatic ties with Russia, the Netherlands, France…
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A Diplomatic History of the American Revolution
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This book contains accounts of different situations experienced by women during World War II. It exposes the lives and contributions of these women whose stories remained unacknowledged in most history books. It has a touch of feminism that is both educational and entertaining.
Haines, Charles G. The American Doctrine of Judicial Supremacy. Buffalo, New
York: William S. Hein, 2008. Print.
Judicial power is the main topic of this book. It provides very credible information directly from a person who lived during the American Revolution --- Thomas Hutchinson. It tackles how the Magna Carta influenced and affected the Americans. The quotes from Hutchinson can be considered reliable since he lived through the Stamp Act and he had over 2 decades of research regarding historical events occurring at that time.
Naval Documents of the American Revolution. Washington: US Govt Printing Office,
2005. Print.
The information contained in this book is mostly those that cannot be obtained from any other books or resources. However, it lacks consistent editorial guidelines. It was also criticized for its failure to refer to original documents. All in all, the book is useful and informative, but the accuracy of the details it contains may not be absolute. Read More
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