The effect Fidel Castros 1959 revolution had on Latin American countries - Essay Example

This paper is about the Cuban Revolution in general and tells that the Cuban revolution had created a big impact on Latin American countries. . The 1959 Cuban revolution, in the eyes of Latin Americans, was a thorn in the US world hegemony considering that Batista was backed by the US. …
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The effect Fidel Castros 1959 revolution had on Latin American countries

Extract of sample The effect Fidel Castros 1959 revolution had on Latin American countries

Download file to see previous pages The Cuban Revolution that began in 1953 and reached its peak in 1959 was not only considered the turning point of Cuban-US relations, but also of the Latin American continent as a whole. Fidel Castro, the revolution’s leader, had just earned a degree in law when US-backed Fulgencio Batista staged a coup to wrest power from the legally constituted government and outlawed the Communist Party of Cuba, abolished labor unions and forcibly restrained labor strikes that had characterised pre-1952 Cuba. The revolution that began by a failed attack against a military compound in 1953 ended in a 1959 with heroic welcome given to Castro as he entered Havana against the midst of cheering crowds, while Batista fled to another country after his forces totally crumbled in the hands of the combined forces of Castro and Che Guevarra (Brewer 119-120). In a region that was largely stymied by its very powerful and rich neighbor, the 1959 Cuban revolution became a catalyst for other Latin American countries to engage in their own revolution using the same guerilla tactics employed by Castro and company against their own governments. Although revolutions were not entirely new in the region, the Cuban revolution stood out for its radicalism and the fact that it was essentially a triumph against the United States, a country that had long controlled the small Latin country.
The success of the 1959 Cuban revolution was largely attributed to the ability of Castro in exploiting anti-US sentiments nursed by Cubans after the US intervened in its independence campaign against Spain, its colonizer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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