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How did bay of pigs lead to cuban missle crisis - Research Paper Example

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During the first and the Second World War both the USSR and US, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic were on the same side of alliance, the Triple Entente France and Britain also forming part of the alliance. The alliance was opposed to the Triple alliance, which constituted…
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How did bay of pigs lead to cuban missle crisis
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Extract of sample "How did bay of pigs lead to cuban missle crisis"

Download file to see previous pages The situation that followed the Second World War was the period of Cold war that lasted up to early 1990s and when the Soviet republic disintegrated.
During the period of the Cold War, many political and economic developments were realized ideologically. Thought there were no direct military combat in the Cold War, the period was characterized by many serious allegation of the two blocs; the US and USSR. Propaganda was one of the weapons used during this period, this made tension to build up within the two countries and at one point during the cold war, it almost sparked to a direct military confrontation but this never was. This was the Invasion of the Bays of Pig and the subsequent Cuban Missile crisis. Scholars and policy makers undoubtedly believe that the occurrence of the two scenarios in the 1961-62 constituted cold war peak since US and USSR almost faced one another in what could easily turn to be Third World War (Jones, 2008).
Bay of Pigs is situated in the South Cost of Cuba; the development that took place in the coastal part of Cuba necessitated the missile crisis. A military revolution took place in Cuba in 1959 in which Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista and developed very close ties with the then Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev (Henriksen, 2006). During this time US was not in good books with USSR and the Cuban association with USSR alarmed US. The cause of the tension was all about the attempt of USSR to use Cuba as their proxy to propagate the socialism policy in the whole of Latin America.
America was worried following this move and wanted to oust Fidel Castro in a military disguise. During the tenure of Eisenhower, a plan was hatched that accepted to train the Cuban exiles in the US to attack and overthrow Fidel’s administration through the support of the Cuban people that America thought were also anti the Fidel’ administration. The plan failed and Nikita having realized that his sympathizer was attacked, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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