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Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes the events took place before and during the Pacific war and attempted to uncover the leading factors that functioned to wreck the relations between Asian and European countries and ultimately became the base for the attack on Pearl Harbour…
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Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War
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"Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War"

Download file to see previous pages The book has been divided into two parts. In the first part, Akira has included some important documents associated with the Pacific war, whereas, the second part of the book contains different essays written by prominent scholars and political experts. These essays present the perspective of different countries regarding the situation prevailed during that era. The book opens with an introductory essay. In this essay, the author have presented an analytical summary of the events took place before and during the Pacific war and attempted to uncover the leading factors that functioned to wreck the relations between Asian and European countries and ultimately became the base for the attack on Pearl Harbour. The introductory essay explains the convoluted issues behind the incident of Pearl Harbour in international context. The author elucidates the importance of the incident and its impacts upon the world history. He also identify the countries that played major role during that time and explains that the war engaged US, Europe, Japan and China fighting with each others for many years. The essay provides sufficient information as well as analysis regarding the issue that is well summarized and well presented by Akira in the beginning essay. It become clear that how two different conflicts enduring in Europe and Pacific were merged together and took the shape of a solitary global conflict. The introductory essay is followed by the first major part of the book that contains some relevant and important documents. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pearl Harbor
.... As the raid ended, more than 2, 300 victims had been wounded, and about the same numbers were killed. The battleship of Arizona was the biggest loss, which lasted for ten minutes. It is said that, the attack initiated the World War 11 since; it occurred before the declaration of the war (Fitzgerald 94). It stands out that, the attack was a factor that changed the U.S public opinion towards declaration of the war. WHY IT STARTED There are various reasons why the attack started. First, when the Japanese bombed the America, they had depicted that this would cause immediate forces to be naval. With this in mind, they bombed Pearl Harbor because it held the...
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The Pearl Harbor Attack
....) The Japanese wanted the US to consent to their spreading out into Asia; VIII.) Pearl Harbor happened to be the residence of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; therefore Japan did not intend the U.S. within the war since at that time; the greatest Naval force belonged to the United States of America. They made a given conclusion that with the destruction of the Pacific Fleet; Americans would be demoralized thereby lacking the morale to fight; IX.) The Japanese had a perception that they were capable of defeating the United States; therefore, they convinced themselves that a wrecking attack was capable of disheartening the Americans, while, at the same time,...
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The Impact of Ideas in Pearl Harbor and the Coming of Pacific War by Akira Iriye
...The Impact of Ideas in Pearl Harbor and the Coming of Pacific War by Akira Iriye According to the book of Akira Iriye, Pearl Harbor and the Coming of Pacific War, World War II has resulted changes globally particularly on social, economic and political conditions of the United States and Japan. The book has focused on broad synthesis of the global environment of the path to Pearl Harbor. This essay will focus on the ideas that connect the minds of people and the ideas that united them. The focus idea of this study is...
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Pearl Harbor Raid
...declared war on Japan (Gavin, 1996). After the Pearl Harbor raid the Japanese advance seemed almost unstoppable and they were fast conquering the Pacific. Their naval and air forces were far more superior and experienced when compared to that of the Allies. In the year 1942 with war impending at Midway, the Allies were indeed at a disadvantage as the US fleet had only three carriers against the six powerful ones of the Japanese Navy. Yet in spite of their supremacy Japan lost the Battle of Midway. This proved to be a turning point in the war which led to the decline of the Japanese dominion in the east. This war was...
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Pearl Harbor
...Pearl Harbour 7th December 1941: It was the day when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, a naval base of the United s of America. This was a planned sneak attack by the Japanese who wanted natural resources, especially oil, for its expansion and America refused this. However, the question that comes to our mind is that whether this strategy of the Japanese was a good one that went bad or was it a bad strategy overall. This tactics by the Japanese was the first long range air carrier based attack in any warfare. This was the reason that the United States was caught off guard completely. The American never thought that Japan was capable of performing such an act. However, rumours of...
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Pearl Harbor ( history )
...decoded messages called JN-25. JN-25 stands for Japanese Naval code 25. This code was introduced for secret communication in the summer of 1939 ( The Japanese remained dependant on the code through the entire Pacific War. Research suggests that Churchill had access to these messages decoded by OP-20-G, the Navy’s codebreakers. Any of the information on pre-Pearl Harbor JN-25 is nonexistent, presumably destroyed. There is no information to suggest that Roosevelt saw any of the decoded JN-25 messages. Roosevelt also never saw any messages like the Bomb Plot message, a J-19 consular code (Rusbridger & Nave, 177-178). The J-19 consular code was a new...
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Bombing of Pearl Harbor
...escaped damage as they had been transferred to the Atlantic to protect large American ships from German submarines. Pacific Fleet’s air craft carriers were elsewhere on December 7th. The power stations, maintenance station, submarines, fuel storage tanks and headquarters buildings also remained intact during the attack. The geo-political and economic reasons behind the Pearl Harbor attack Pearl Harbor attack was a decisive blow that plunged the United States into the World War II (Slackman, 1990). The attack marked a climax in a decade long of worsening US-Japan relations. Due to its limited resources, Japan was heavily dependent on...
7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
Pearl harbor to Japan. This was an effort to stop Japan’s interference in Southwest Asia without war. In fact, the United States never intended to declare war at all, and was looking for more peaceful solutions. Japan, however, refused to back down. In the summer of 1941, the United States, Netherlands, and Britain joined in a combined effort to freeze Japan’s assets. This was done in order to prevent the purchase of oil. The United States also moved their Pearl Harbor base to Hawaii, from San Diego. Feeling pressured by the demands of the United States, Japan’s military force felt that the movement of Pearl Harbor from San Diego to Hawaii...
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Pearl harbor
... between Japan and Dutch East Indies) and based out of Pearl Harbor posed a huge threat. Therefore, Japan initiated her Pacific War with a "knockout blow" at Pearl Harbor, with subsequent attacks planned for U.S. forces in Philippines and anywhere else. Japan held similar fears from Britain; therefore, they attacked British forces in Hong Kong, Malaya, and Singapore (Lee). Japans Objectives Japans major objective was to cripple American Navy base in order to keep them from intervening Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies (Lee). They wanted to neutralize American power in Pacific Basin for at least six months (Burbeck 1).Another objective was to get time for Japan to strengthen its position and enhance its navy before losing... of...
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Mistakes from Pearl Harbor
...represented the highest concentration of American naval power in the Pacific region, an attack on such a target would yield a high level of reward for the enemy in that it could cripple the American ability to project force into the Pacific theater and held the potential of reducing the United States involvement in the Pacific to such a level that it would not be able to counter Imperial Japan’s actions and acquisitions. As the United States Army describes, “the ultimate military purpose of war is the destruction of the enemy’s ability to fight and/or will to fight”1. As such, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a clear and definitively...
10 Pages(2500 words)Essay
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