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The Pearl Harbor Attack - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Pearl Harbor Attack December 7th, 1941 was the date when a Japanese force of carrier aircraft, comprising of fighters, high-degree bombers, dive bombers and torpedo bombers, initiated an attack on the American naval center at Pearl Harbor, while, at the same time, other US military installations within Hawaii…
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The Pearl Harbor Attack
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"The Pearl Harbor Attack"

Download file to see previous pages There were two in-flight attack waves, toting up 353 aircraft, instigated from six carriers of Japanese aircraft under the leadership of Commander Mitsuo Fuchida. The objective of the strike was protecting Imperial Japan advance to the Dutch East Indies, as well as and Malaya, due to their natural resources like rubber and oil, through the neutralization of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Although the Japanese succeeded in fulfilling the attack, thereby potentially crippling the control of America over the Pacific, this success was only short lived. The following day, America pronounced war on Japan thus leading to the official American entry into World War II (Shelley & David 10). Under the leadership of US, the Western Countries had imposed derisory sanctions on Japan due to its invasion of China thereby impeding the Japanese military operations. As a result, Japan got into diplomatic negotiations along with US in order to break the impasse while using this time in launching an attack on Pearl Harbor. Most of the Japanese fleet needed to sail not less than 4000 miles so as to get from its center to where the aircraft carriers intended to set off their planes for Hawaii. These planes got there just ahead of 8AM on 7 December. Before long, five of eight battleships at Pearl Harbor either got sunk or sinking while the rest got damaged. Although the most noteworthy casualty turned out to be USS Arizona, there were a number of other ships, as well as most Hawaii-based war planes also got knocked out with 2388 Americans ending up dead (Sakata 23). There are various reasons as to why Japanese attacked the Pearl Harbor including (Lord): I.) The banning of all exports of scrap iron, steel, as well as oil to Japan by President Roosevelt, which was due to the given Japanese invasion of China. This led to Japan losing not less than 90% of its oil supply. This economic seclusion crippled their economy, together with their military; II.) America had participated in the Second World War yet since they were still stumbling from depression caused by the First World War. However, America still possessed the strongest nautical fleets. Based on this viewpoint, the Japanese were nearly as strong as the American navy. With the passage of time, America favored more and more in line of joining the war. The Japanese had the anticipation of a full-blown naval war together with America thereby deciding to act first by means of bombing Pearl Harbor; III.) Assumptions also involved the fact that the Japanese had the intention of becoming a naval superpower, while, at the same time, wanting to destruct any competition, comprising of American, along with British naval convoy; IV.) The United States intended Japan to abandon northern Indo-China; V.) Opposition from the US about Japanese expansion, together with Japan demands considering that they were not got by diplomacy; VI.) The Japanese were eager on expanding their empire thereby making a decision between giving in or going to war along with the United States; VII.) The Japanese wanted the US to consent to their spreading out into Asia; VIII.) Pearl Harbor happened to be the residence of the U.S. Pacific Fleet; therefore Japan did not intend the U.S. within the war since at that time; the greatest Naval force belonged to the United States of America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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