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Issues Surrounding the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor - Research Paper Example

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is a very important event in the history of wars in America in general and wars between America and Japan in particular. The Pearl Harbor attack is one of the few examples of wars in America in which the initiative to open the war has been taken by the enemy. …
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Issues Surrounding the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor
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Issues Surrounding the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

Download file to see previous pages... This paper explores the issues surrounding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was to deprive America of its naval strength so that Japan could easily expand into China and the Dutch East Indies. The nature of attack When the interests of a country are threatened, its government and military forces can go to any lengths to take measures to neutralize those threats. Same happened with Japan whose expansion in China was threatened by the placement of the oil embargo upon her by America. The US Military essentially served as a threat for Japan’s interests, and so Japan acted to neutralize them. History provides evidence that America herself has acted in similar ways to expand. For example, the Mexican people and the indigenous people of America were eradicated from the land so that the Americans could achieve their manifest destiny. Although the assassination of the American servicemen in the Pearl Harbor attack is tragic, yet the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan seems justified from an impartial standpoint. Lack of war declaration One argument that is consistently raised against Japan on the Pearl Harbor attack is that the attack was undeclared. Japan made a sneak attack rather than declaring a war formally simply because she wanted to win. It was not a kind of war in which Japan wanted to show its power or uplift its ego that she would feel the need to challenge America upfront. Instead, all Japan wanted was to oust a country that was intruding into her plans of expansion, and Japan would choose any way to achieve that because accomplishment of her plans mattered the most. Saying that the attack was illegal does not make sense because law and war are two terms that do not go with each other. Anticipation of war Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was meant directed at the neutralization of the US Pacific Fleet, so that Japan’s advancement into the Dutch East Indies and Malaya that would provide Japan with access to a range of natural resources including rubber and oil could be ensured. Both America and Japan were aware of the possibility of war because of the growing tensions between the two countries since 1920s, though the invasion of Manchuria by Japan in 1931 marked the beginning of the most complicated terms between America and Japan. “The U.S. did not want to take military action in China, but it attempted to influence the foreign powers to take a strong stand against Japan” (Perkins, 1997, p. 111). During the 1930s, Japan’s continued expansion into China led to the commencement of war between Japan and China in 1937. The attack Nanking Massacre caused by Japan and her attack on the USS Panay increased the fear of Japanese expansion in the West and sharply turned the people of the West against Japan. As a result of the growing pressure from the people, the UK, France, and America resolved to provide China with loan assistance for the supply contracts related to war. In 1940, Japan tried to control the supplies that reached China by invading French Indochina (Gin, 2004, p. 651), but the shipment of machine tools, airplanes, aviation gasoline, and parts were halted by America. Japan understandably thought of it as an unfriendly act by America. However, to dilute the perceived unfriendliness by Japan, America continued to export oil to Japan. This was done, in part, because stopping oil export was perceived as an extreme step in Washington and was enough to provoke Japan. The ideological affinity between Britain and America was unquestionable in 1939, but large swathes of the American media and public were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pearl Harbor
As discussed in the paper, over 2, 500 Americans died of the attack on Pearl Harbor, while others were injured. The attack occurred on December 7th 1941, where the first wave of the Japanese airplanes left six aircraft carriers with struck Pearl Harbor before 8 AM local time, and after two waves of terror lasting, the disaster had occurred.
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History of the Japanese-Californian internment camps and the social and psycological impact of internment
Feeling secure and impenetrable from wars fought with the buffer of two oceans and thousands of miles, most Americans never imagined a war in their own backyard, let alone a direct attack on a military base on United States soil. The focus of my research will provide insight into the Japanese relocation and internment, the damage this relocation had on the Japanese-Americans psyche post-internment, and how the events of the Pearl Harbor attack shaped the Japanese in California.
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A comparative study between Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks of 9/11
A comparative study between Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Compare the differences in intelligence. Where did the intelligence fail that allowed the attacks to take place. What are the similarities between the two attacks. 1. Introduction The use of intelligence in the military has been often negatively criticized as of its effectiveness.
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Japanese Internment Camps
It was on this day in history that the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an attack on the Pearl Harbor, an American naval base in Hawaii. The aftermath was a massive arrest of over 100,000 Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians and their subsequent detention in prisons camps.
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Perl Harbor(Japanese-American Relationship)
The Japanese Americans were imprisoned without due cause for almost four years while the United States waged war and eventually won against Japan. In 1988, the United States government issued an official apology for imprisoning so many innocent Japanese Americans.
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Pearl Harbor: Its Attack that Set the Stage for the U.S. Participarion in World War II
and Hawaii. In 1909, the construction of the U.S. naval base began at Pearl Harbor. As Japan started to dominate part of the world’s industrial and military strength, the combined forces of the U.S. Navy and Army developed the harbor for military aviation, navy ships dock and house for the navy’s largest weaponry, cavalry and infantry units.
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The Pearl Harbor Attack
However, they obtained complete surprise with five American battleships, three cruisers, as well as three destroyers sunk while 188 US aircraft got destroyed with the majority of them being on the ground. Although Japanese losses summed up to 29 aircraft, as well as the five inadequate midget submarines intended for participating in the assault, this was a brilliant premeditated victory for Japan.
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The Attack On Pearl Harbor
As a result, the US navy suffered irreversible damage on some of their vessels. They had no choice but to retaliate by declaring war on Japan and overtly joining forces with the Allied forces. US went against their isolationist policies, which prevented the country from involvement in the World War II.
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The Japanese Reasoning for the Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Japanese fleet attacked the American navy stationed at the Harbor in Hawaii due to a multitude of reasons; factors that they believed gave them the right to react in such a way. The attack was expected yet the Americans there were caught unawares, which led to more casualties on their side even though the Japanese lost some men, too.
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Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear war in Japan
Pearl Harbor incident has been the most significant and controversial war attack incident in the history of United States.
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