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Topic: Battle of midway World War II Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Battle of Midway (WWII) Introduction In 1942, Battle of Midway was fought by the Imperial Japanese Navy under their admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in the World War II. Few months after their success at Pearl Harbor in December, the IJN had destroyed the surrounding of the Pacific and sank the warships of the British in the Indian Ocean…
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Battle Of Midway (WWII)
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"Battle Of Midway (WWII)"

Download file to see previous pages 44). He wanted to destroy the American carrier fleet. With the advantage of big numbers of navy and of good quality he planned to confuse the Americans with a diversion attack at the coast of Alaska hence the Americans drew to the north and launched his attack on the island of Midway the next day1. Into an ambush the Americans ran to the south hence he used the Midway Island as an Allied air base. Commanders’ intent/ scheme of maneuver for both sides Commander’s intent captures the commanders thinking, assessments and guidance on the concept of battle operations. This mostly is what brings out the result in a battlefield. If he acts too slowly, his coordination, and mental preparedness determines the outcome of the war. Imperial Japanese Navy was under three admirals namely Isoroku Yamamoto, Chuichi Nagumo and Nobu take Kondo. The United States Navy also had three admirals namely Chester Nimitz, Frank Jack Fletcher, and Raymond A. Spruance. Yamamoto had the advantage of numbers against the Americas Chester Nimitz naval. The Americas still had few ships and their strength was coming down slowly and this gave Yamamoto confidence that he was going to defeat them. Nevertheless, Chester gained advantage over the Japanese out of deciphering the Japanese radio code by his intelligence team. With this advantage the Americans were able to know that Yamamoto’s target was at the Midway. Japanese had no idea that their radio calls were being trapped and being listened to, Yamamoto kept on giving his navy directions through the radio because they were scattered all over. The Japanese relied on a sub-marine air reconnaissance to locate the Americans carriers at the Pearl Harbor where they would sink them when they responded (Kernan. 73). Due to the tapping of the radio calls by the Americans they knew about this plan and they spoiled the reconnaissance and the submarine ambush did not ambush their fleet, and therefore the Alaskan diversion placed by the Japanese proved to be no resourceful because the Americans ignored it. Yamamoto believed that Chester had at least two carriers as maybe they had sunk the USS Yorktown at the Coral Sea. Chester had repaired the damaged ships at the Pearl Harbor2. Still there was a great imbalance in the two fleets when it came to the machinery. Chester had in two task force, three carriers, eight cruisers and fifteen destroyers. Yamamoto on the other hand had the advantage of 4 large and 2 medium carriers, 11 battleships with many cruisers and destroyers in his amphibious task force in which he sorted to capture Midway. Strategic, Operational and Tactical setting of the battle The setting for the battle was interesting and came with a lot of force and intelligence. Yamamoto had divided his task force into three divisions namely the invasion force, the battle fleet and the four big carriers. The carrier group operated in close order and it was commanded by admiral Nagumo who led them for an attack at the Pearl Harbor. The problem was that these three groups were at a distance from each even for mutual support. Chester put his entire stake on his intelligence because engaging in a direct contact would see him defeated and looses the remaining task force. He strengthened the air units on the Midway by using the island as aircraft carrier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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