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The presentation of Bloom and Brienes’ focus on the antiwar movement was, in the researcher’s opinion, very well presented. The paper"Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement" focuses on the many different groups that made up the anti-war movement…
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Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement
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Download file to see previous pages People of all classes and backgrounds were attracted to the antiwar movement, including people that were going to college, those in the middle-class, those in the upper-class, people that worked for government institutions, and many more individuals.  This movement was recognized in 1965 and by 1968 was at its highest acclaim (Bloom and Breines 69).  The groups, while many of them had the same concepts in mind, still all served and worked within their own ideals Therefore, the point of this essay will be to argue the fact that the “antiwar movement” was not just the work of one movement in general, but that of several groups, each that had their own agendas, and something in that agenda contributed to the antiwar movement. Faber also presents a similar reflection in his section reflecting on “Vietnam.”  There is a strong feeling that, through his analysis, there also were many groups active in this movement, not just one common group. The researcher agrees with the concept presented by Bloom and Breines as well as Faber that the antiwar movement was made up of several different groups with different agendas, and was not just one blanket movement moving toward one common goal, which is often a misinterpretation of what was really going on with the protest movements. People of all classes and backgrounds were attracted to the antiwar movement, including people that were going to college, those in the middle-class, those in the upper-class, people that worked for government institutions, and many more individuals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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