The Dark Ages - a Prelude to Light and Renaissance - Essay Example

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This paper "The Dark Ages – A Prelude to Light and Renaissance" investigates a period of nearly thousand years after the fall of the Roman and Greek Empires and starting of the Renaissance in Europe which is commonly referred to as the Middle Ages. This period starts from 476 AD, ending in 1453 AD…
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The Dark Ages - a Prelude to Light and Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages Another was the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans which marked the historical ending of the Middle Ages. But major developments in art and architecture were one of the key features during this period. An attempt is made to review the art and architecture during this period loosely based on Laurie Schneider Adam’s book ‘A History of Western Art.’ Proposed review will follow the art and architecture during the early Christian era, followed by the influence of Byzantine culture. Islamic and Ottoman influence is covered next after which the Roman style that was seen during the period will be reviewed. Next comes the Gothic style and the building of the many great cathedrals that one sees in Europe. Even though referred to as the dark ages, many developments that evolved during the Renaissance period had its base in the Middle Ages. Hence this period is very relevant in a humanities course.
One institution that held on strongly after the fall of the Roman Empire was the undivided Christian church. Christians were allowed open worship by the Edict of Milan which ultimately resulted in the religion becoming very widespread. Christian architecture flourished during the early days of the Middle Ages and was characterized by two types of structures namely a longitudinal basilica and the centralized baptistery.
“The exteriors of Early Christian buildings were plain and unadorned and the interiors contrarily were richly decorated with marble floors and wall slabs, frescoes, mosaics, metal works, hangings, and sumptuous altar furnishings in gold and silver.” (Early Christian Art). Some examples include the churches of San Stefano Rotondo and the Baptistery of Constantine. Byzantine art and architecture were greatly influenced by Rome because the cultural and social foundation of that great city was undeniable Roman. But most monuments during this period were also greatly influenced by East European architecture and the Hellenized East. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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