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The Scientific Revolution - Assignment Example

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The 16th and 17th centuries were largely marked as an era of scientific revolution, during which new ideas and knowledge in various fields were introduced, including the fields of physics, astronomy, biology, medicine and chemistry. …
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The Scientific Revolution
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Extract of sample "The Scientific Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Starting by Galileo, he is one of the famous astronomers who attributed greatly to the concept of the effect of gravity in space. He found that the acceleration due to gravity does not depend on the mass of the object being pulled. To make it clearer, we can say that a very small satellite feels the same acceleration from the Sun as another huge satellite if both are at the same distance from the Sun. So, the gravitational acceleration is proportional only to the mass of the gravitating object and the distance from it, not to the mass of the aggravated object. This rule is the reason behind the feeling of `weightless', felt by astronauts orbiting the Earth. To put it clearer, astronauts, in the orbit, are continually 'falling' toward the Earth because of gravity. Also, other smaller and bigger objects inside the shuttle that orbits the earth are accelerating toward the Earth at the same rate. This results in the fact that all these objects in the shuttle remain at the same position relative to each other, and they seem as if they are 'floating' around inside the shuttle (Strobel).
In this context, it has to be mentioned that Galileo’s new astronomical theories had their great impact on the church. In particular, the scientific discoveries made by Galileo have paved the way for the science-religion conflict that shaped this era. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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