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Dark Ages Author’s Name Institutional affiliation Abstract When we talk of the dark ages does it mean that there were ages that were dark? Or is there a hidden meaning to the term dark ages? Darkness is quite different from just seeing what one sees when he or she shuts his or her eyes…
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Dark Ages
Download file to see previous pages During the dark ages, there was the fall of the great Roman Empire which had a lot of impact to the world. Ireland is said to have had a positive contribution towards civilization after the fall of the Roman Empire. This essay generally discusses the dark ages. Keywords: Dark Ages, Roman Empire, Civilization, Ireland, Renaissance, Chivalric Code, Arthurian Legend Introduction Some writers have really exaggerated the dark ages compared to how they were in reality and much that was originally written has disappeared. Those who lived in the dark ages are not very familiar to some of the things that have been said in the modern life (Maitland, 1844). Those who lived in the dark ages did not consider themselves as living in ages that were dark; they viewed themselves as the people who had gone prior. Lives during the dark ages were dark, but some benefits of the period can still be identified. One major benefit is that there was the destruction of the old Mycenaean’s economic and social structure, with the strict class and hereditary rule that was replaced by the new socio-political instititutions that eventually allowed the rise of democracy in Athens especially. What do the term Dark Ages mean? Dark Ages has been used as a label to express the experience that people of Western Europe had between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance to be precise. It became a popular title, especially in the eighteenth century as many historians looked back in the glories of the Roman Empire and the apparent lack of intellectual culture that the Roman Empire possessed (Mallia, n.d.). This period was thus dark as it lacked the lights of civilization and intellectuals, which had been replaced by religious dominance and feudalism. The terms dark ages have been coined from the Latin “saeculum obscure”, and were first used in the medieval period or the middle ages. It was a period of darkness and it was greatly contributed because of lack of documentary materials from which any historian could work with. The periods termed as dark ages have become a debate among the old historians and the modern historians and took place roughly from 400 to 700 AD, which is also referred to as the early Middle Ages (Maitland, 1844). The dark ages are seen to be characterized by two processes and what was seen later in the years was as a result of the two processes. The first one was the movement of the people from what is now called Germany into parts of the Roman Empire (“Kendal Wild Journal: The Dark Ages,” 2013). The second process was the movement of the Islam from the Middle East into North Africa and Spain (“Kendal Wild Journal: The Dark Ages,” 2013). How dark were the Dark Ages? Most historians have the argument that these ages that are termed as dark were not really dark as the modern writers have portrayed them to be, while others hold that they were really dark. Those in support that they were not as dark cite good things about the dark ages, such as the spread of literacy, the numerous law codes, and the formation of the people who would one day become European’s nation state. Classical historians held that the dark ages were really dark; they have given the some of the things that characterized the dark ages. These characteristics are such as: a) The Roman Empire that fell leading to the serious reduction of material and intellectual culture. The fall of the Roman Empi ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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