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The paper "The Articles of Confederation" highlights that the Articles of Confederation provided a direction for the central government to make different pathways so that the states could be run in a more adequate manner. The Articles of Confederation asked for the states to liaise with each other…
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The Articles of Confederation
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Download file to see previous pages The Articles of Confederation served as the actual system of government which was used by the Congress till the time it became de jure by final sanction in the year 1781. It was then that Congress became the Congress of the Confederation at that time. The Articles of Confederation basically prescribed the rules that went in the different operations of the US Confederation. What these Articles of Confederation did were to plan different issues like the aspects of discussing war and ordering the army to go ahead with the attack processes, negotiating different matters pertaining to diplomatic agreements and the like as well as resolving the problems that came in the way of the western territories and this indeed was a huge issue if seen in the proper contexts. Also what the Articles of Confederation did was to undertake proper measures which could understand the borrowing aspects related to the inside and outside of US that were taking place.
There were some criticisms as well which came in the way of the Articles of Confederation. One such was that the critics raised different viewpoints in the wake of the creation of a mighty central state as it was thought of to be lacking a taxing authority and related basis. Thus the role of the federal government in such a situation is to ask for more and more funds from the different states. Then there was another ambiguity in the form of a concern that the one-state, one-vote aspect was somewhat mind-boggling to state the least and it created problems for the Articles of Confederation’s basis by all measures and means. There needed to be a change within the relevant basis so that the Articles of Confederation could be thought of as being pretty easier and less ambiguous than anything else. The larger states were requested to offer more than what the smaller states had to give at the end of the day. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Articles of Confederation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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