Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters First One Hundred Years - Essay Example

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This essay explores the contents as well as the representations presented in the book in the form of life history of the Delaney Sisters. Life History is usually autobiographical, but since most interesting lives touch on various subjects with varying talents, some or most of these lives involve a non-writer. …
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Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters First One Hundred Years
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Download file to see previous pages The sisters were born in the southern state of North Carolina who experienced the early years of emancipation as children as it has only been 24 years since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. So that in all, Sadie and Bessie experienced lynchings and Jim Crow, separation of former slaves from their former master whites, a chance for them to go to school and learn with the white kids, play around without having to trouble the self with duties that used to be a burden for most black kids from slave parents. South is usually referred to when it comes to describing African-Americans. The Delaney Sisters came from a Harlem community. The Sisters Bessie and Sadie were brought up by “the first elected Negro bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church” so that their adolescence is dotted with church service, singing, and active participation in Sunday school, among others. Their socialization with teenagers their age was sufficient, although limited to friendship and groups that brought and galvanized their bonding as close-aged sisters, with their births only less than 2 years in gap.

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