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A Story With an Epiphany and Gothic Sensibility Like Southern Gothic - Assignment Example

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The purpose of this assignment "A Story With an Epiphany and Gothic Sensibility Like Southern Gothic" is to write a fictional adventure story featuring gloomy elements. The story begins with an introduction of the main character, who is planning how to spend the summer…
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A Story With an Epiphany and Gothic Sensibility Like Southern Gothic
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Extract of sample "A Story With an Epiphany and Gothic Sensibility Like Southern Gothic"

Download file to see previous pages He didn’t want his brat of a sister using them while he was gone. He was pretty sure he’d locked the video cabinet and he knew he’d secured the padlock just in case, but he couldn’t remember if he’d fully bolted his bedroom door.
They drove all the way out to the house without a word. Uncle Jack was actually Stan’s great-uncle and they didn’t have much in common. Uncle Jack belonged to the old world before there was a color TV in every room and barely even knew what a computer was. He also almost never talked.
As they pulled up to the crumbling old Colonial, Stan’s hazel eyes widened with shock at what he saw. Just from the outside, it looked like the place should be condemned, not fixed up in a bid for a historical marker. The drive was choked with weeds, the balconies sagged and the shutters, where present, sagged in frames of broken or missing glass.
“Family helps itself,” Jack muttered, ambling over to the front door, fumbling with the large ring of keys he’d brought with him. Stan was impressed. Keys meant to control and possession, two of his favorite things.
Uncle Jack swung the blue painted wood door inward with a barely perceptible creak and Stan walked into a hallway filled with sunlight as it danced across the millions of dust motes the outer breeze was stirring. His first reaction was a giant sneeze. It was going to be worse than he thought.
Jack pointed to doorways as they stomped down a frayed rug – “parlor, drawing room’s through that doorway there, library, den’s in the back, dining, storage, this here’s where we stay – servant room.”
The door opened to a small cramped space that was just large enough for two twin beds, a nightstand each and a single dresser – no closet. But it was clean and he could smell the wholesome scent of fresh sheets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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