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othic Art is one of the most important developments in arts and architecture. This exhibit aims to open the doors to the medieval period which was hesitantly accepted by the Americans when Gothic movement was brought to the country by the immigrants…
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Gothic Era and Neo-Gothic Exhibit
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Download file to see previous pages The display will be divided into two. The first is composed of the works of Gothic Art in Europe and the second is the Neo-Gothic or Gothic Revival works or architecture in United States. The reason why such artworks of Europe and America were showcased is because it was in Europe where the movement for Gothic Style started. The Americans, on the other hand, were traditionalists or conservatives and it took years before the Gothic style was adapted in the country. Gothic Art Gothic Art includes architecture, painting, sculpture and even music that started in France as a medieval movement. This movement from the Romanesque era to Gothic as well as Gothic to Renaissance was a stand point and marking of changes in periods in media. The Gothic era is considered a radical movement from the classical Roman Empire Culture. What is noted for this era is that it did not have any relation to the Goths. Gothic Art and Architecture Architecture during the Gothic era is considered one of the most significant and original art forms. An example of the earliest Gothic sculptures which is said to be a revolution in style is the Western (Royal) Portal at Chartres Cathedral (ca. 1145). Gothic style is characterized by verticality of structures or high buildings and light. This appearance includes the following features: grouped columns, flying buttresses and corrugated vaults. The Gothic architecture are mostly depicted in castles, town halls, fortresses and cathedrals.
Gothic Works of Art
One of the finest Gothic Structure is the Chartres Cathedral. The Chartres Cathedral is almost perfectly preserved. Its architecture only went through minor changes since the 13th century. It is noted that majority of the original stained glass windows survive intact (, 10 Gothic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe). It took 140 years for The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore to be completed. This church was built in Gothic style and known as one of Florence’s most beautiful cathedrals and symbol of the city. The external design of the church is made of polychrome marble panels in color green and pink surrounded by white. This very beautiful church is one of the largest in Italy and the dome is the largest in the world. The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore remains to be largest brick dome in the world (, 10 Gothic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe). The Gothic Revival and the Conservative America Years after the Gothic period rose the era characterized by Victorian style on which details from Gothic Cathedrals and other medieval architecture were revived. In early twentieth century, Gothic Revival ideas were applied to skyscrapers. These twentieth Century Gothic Revival buildings are most commonly called Neo-Gothic. It was in early 1800’s when the recognition Gothic Architectural Revival surge. All throughout the entire United States, New York’s second Trinity Church was only one major building constructed that used Gothic Style. America remained relatively conservative in architecture thus any new styles have hard time gaining a hold. Gothic architecture took years to reach popularity of which it was capable of. If not because of the growing relationship of the United States with England, Gothic would not have gained a foothold in America. The Americans accepted the style because of the symbolisms behind it (Powell 1995). The United States is considered to have always been a melting pot of different cultures due to migration of people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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