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A comparison of Augustan and Romantic poets - Essay Example

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The essay entitled "A comparison of Augustan and Romantic poets" dwells on the above-mentioned poets. Reportedly, the Augustan Age pertains to a period in literary history spanning the late seventeenth century, to the entire eighteenth century…
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A comparison of Augustan and Romantic poets
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Extract of sample "A comparison of Augustan and Romantic poets"

Download file to see previous pages As with Romantic poetry, Romantic literature fosters inspiration from the natural world, giving importance to imagination and emotion rather than rationalism. One facet of the Romantic style is Gothic, which emphasizes strong emotions through tales of fear and the supernatural. One author exemplifying that kind of Romantic style is Nathaniel Hawthorne, whose novels manifest interest in Puritan tradition and often deals with issues of guilt and conflict. Hawthorne's works also feature many Romantic elements, which include the opposition to cultural and societal conventions, freedom in artistic imagination, and the exhibition of strong, powerful emotions such awe, horror, and anxiety, for aesthetic experience.
Marcel Proust's works are hailed today as one of the major French literary works. During Proust's, time, the merit of his books was hotly debated, due in part, to his style that was regarded by a number of critics to be fairly unreadable. He had a reputation for creating works of sheer, daunting magnitude. One notable example is that of his most famous composition, the three-thousand paged “The Remembrance of Things Past”, which is one of the longest novels ever.
He did not write in a conventional sense and his long and winding prose is deemed to have contributed to his reader's perception that his stories have stale, motionless plots. But though his works are “big” and mostly caters to the literary intelligentsia, Proust is also acclaimed for his psychological insights that deals with morality and man's sense of humanity. He offers profound societal reflections to the issues underlying human behavior.

Classical music
Many styles exist within the category considered as Classical music. These include the opera, choral works, symphony, chamber music, etc. The rise of the Classical era in music is considered to be an act of rebellion towards the musical trends usual in the Baroque Era. The beginnings of Classical music was said to have started with Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach with his Galant style.
Classical music is typically a written musical tradition. The musical notation is preserved in a written score that contains the technical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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