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Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema - Term Paper Example

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This paper called "Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema" describes the film plot of Strangers on a Train by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. The author outlines the characters' features, the evolution of language, the aspects of Auteur theory. From this work, it is clear about the Hitchcock style and his motives. …
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Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema
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Extract of sample "Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema"

Download file to see previous pages The auteur theory of film criticism views the director as the master storyteller.  Each film is compared within a body of work as well as on its own merits.  The two main distinctions are the director is either structuring the film to interpret a theme or to present a style, a performance.
The underlying doubt regarding the validity of this theory questions the level of control the director has over the film. Certainly, screenwriters, producers, actors, and cameramen (Wollen, 540) have some degree of input in the creative process. This collaboration of talent suggests the director can more easily structure the film through motif and patterns of a motif than present a styled performance. In other words, the director is not simply a shepherd leading actors through a script; he is an artist bringing context to the film using his signature style.
The most obvious example of Hitchcock’s quote involves the director’s shot of Bruno choking Guy’s wife to death. Bruno begins to choke her, knocking off her glasses. The shot then changes and the audience observes her death through her own lenses. The glasses were so thick and prominent, they defined her view.
A more subtle, but major, example occurred when Guy had a tennis match the day Bruno was to return to the scene of the crime and plant Guy’s lighter as evidence. Bruno delayed his departure to coincide with nightfall; Hitchcock views evil as operating in the dark. Guy honors his commitment to play the tournament; he changes his style to win early. This strategy backfires and the match goes five sets, losing valuable time for Guy. But because he is the protagonist and a good person, Guy takes time to shake hands with his opponent and thank the chair umpire before a hurried departure. While Guy uses his best effort to win, he could have lost quickly, but he is honorable. Bruno drops the lighter down a sewer grate. The race to recover the lighter more quickly than Guy can win his match ensues. Neither contestant knows the competition exists, but the director plays God with their lives.  As Guy tries nobly to win quickly and graciously, Bruno fishes his hand in a storm sewer for his talisman of control. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema Term Paper - 1, n.d.)
Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema Term Paper - 1.
(Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema Term Paper - 1)
Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema Term Paper - 1.
“Auteur Theory and the Evolution of the Language of Cinema Term Paper - 1”.
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