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Otto Von Bismarcks and unification of Germany - Essay Example

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The essay "Otto Von Bismarck’s and unification of Germany" gives detailed information about the German Empire grew in strength and gained economic and diplomatic respect due largely to the work of Otto Von Bismarck’s less than legal but tenacious work …
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Otto Von Bismarcks and unification of Germany
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"Otto Von Bismarcks and unification of Germany"

Download file to see previous pages True to his word, in 1863, the Poles began to fight for concessions from Russia, The Russians believed that retaining control of Poland was essential to their policy. France stood with the Poles but Bismarck threw his support to Russia forming a friendship relationship with Russia. This was strategic on Bismarck as he felt a free Poland would threaten the Prussian territory. While this was going on, Austria called a meeting of the Germanic Confederation to have the Berman Princes find the best way of preserving a German Confederation. Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria wanted the support of the historic dynasties to help in containing liberalism, democratization and socialism. Since Austria had the dominant control in this Confederation, Bismarck did not want the King of Prussia to attend. These two politicians disagreed for some time over the Prussian King’s decision, and finally, after much emotion persuasion, the Prussian King did not attend the meeting. Since he was the second most powerful leader, after Austria, no decisions could be made at the meeting. Austria was having problems at home at this time as well so the matter was tabled. This was a victory for Bismarck. Austria seemed to be losing their power as the Margyars, Poles and Czechs were pulling away feeling less important (Gall, 121-148).Next, Schleswig and Holstein was uncomfortable under the Treaty of London of 1852 which put the Dannish King as the Duke of Holstein and the Duke of Schleswig. Schleswig. Schleswig and Holstein were made up mainly of Germans, at least in the south and they resented having a Danish leader. In 1863, Busnarcj exploited the demise of the King of Denmark and joined with Austria in the Danish War putting Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenberg into the Prussian and Austrian control. In 1865, Holstein was put under the Austrian control and Schleswig was controlled by Prussia. This was a big step forward for Bismarck. Through all of this Bismarck was constantly trying to persuade the Prussian kind to put ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Otto von Bismarck as a statesman
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