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How Wild Was the West - Essay Example

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This paper will tell about the problems facing new towns in the West, why were these towns so violent and lawless, why were these towns so violent and lawless, analyze the part played by vigilantes and women in dealing with the problems of living in early towns of the West…
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How Wild Was the West
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"How Wild Was the West"

Download file to see previous pages The land that these people lived upon also caused a dilemma as they mainly thrived upon agriculture, and these harsh soil conditions, in actual fact, didn’t quite suit their crops. Throughout these times, the state government was still beginning to establish solid grounds upon the hierarchy of its systematic beliefs. During the early periods, these inhabitants resided in unorganized sections of homelands situated in any way in which they wanted. This is considerably factual in the aspect that when white men began to settle in America during these early times, there were no towns at all. These towns in the early settlings of the west obtained a very meager reputation. This is essentially due to the fact that they engrossed many variables of society. These types of citizens included criminals, robbers, thieves and gunslingers. Taking this into consideration, families were tempted away from these areas, making them seem even more desolate.
These however, weren’t the only problems facing the new settlers. Others included tribulations such as facilities and education. The towns were rushed, unplanned and lacked many of the essential requirements that a newly established town must have in order to prosper and to suit the needs of its people. Education is these areas were also poor as the need for teachers increased as the amount of children requiring education did too. Health and hospitalization was also a grave difficulty when sometimes it seemed that the populations became sick, or caught the wrong diseases, and no apparent reason could be found.

All of the problems facing these people were mainly due to the fact that they simply had to start from the very core of their society. When they established their grounds upon which they lived, they merely had nothing but hard, dusty earth which of course took them time to develop the necessary means in which to prosper. Other problems included the lack of resources such as banks, buildings and stores. This is particularly factual when combined with other troubles such as cattle rustling, horse stealing (for which the punishment was hanging), and claim jumping. All of these problems and many more, meant that towns had to simply fend for themselves in times of trouble.

Conditions during this era also caused problems when they meant that other means were needed to support their livelihood. This is where the unnecessary problems such as crime and hostility took place. Combined with this, gender imbalance meaning the lack of women in the area, meant a lack of community respect and ordered women into violence, caused racism problems and most notably, economic intolerance upon its entire people. Poverty was also another beneficiary of these troubles as it seemed to be inclined upon producing other troubles such as lack of supplies, bad people and depressive social tensions.

Why were these towns so violent and lawless

Difficulties and negative circumstances seemed to make the towns in the west become intolerable to live in. Some of the main causes of these problems included drunkenness, in which men would become bored, frustrated and fight upon each other. Together with these people included minorities, who found it hard to live in these distrustful conditions and were often the victims of racism and violence because of their religious practices and beliefs. For example, the Mormons practiced polygamy, and had more than one wife which disconcerted the rest of the majority of the population, which eventually led to this group leaving their community.

The legal system incorporated in this time upon these areas also shaped an uncompromised ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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