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West Nile virus - Research Paper Example

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There have been two major lines of efforts that have been put in place in addressing the health topic of West Nile virus. The first of this has to do with a preventive approach that involves various interventions that ensure that the spread of the disease is stopped from populations that have been identified to be plagued with the disease…
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West Nile virus
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Once there is success with a particular intervention, the process is replicated for new vicinity. This is unlike a centralized approach where interventions are started at a national level and minimized to smaller communities. As far as preventive interventions are concerned, one method that stands out in addressing the issue is the environmental predictive model.
The second approach to addressing the problem is the centralized approach, which works as an opposite paradigm to the paradigm discussed earlier. This is because in this approach, the stakeholders works out interventions on a national basis and spread the use of the national interventions to various communities. The difference with this second approach however has to deal with the fact that in using this approach, the stakeholders look for a more curative perspective to the disease rather than preventive. The notion and rationale behind this approach is that if the disease is not cured among people who have infections, prevention will be difficult because there will continue to be re-infections. A typical example of the national level preventive approach is the roll-back West Nile virus program, which is exclusively funded by the Ministry of Health and carried out in various localized hospitals and health centers. It must however be place on record that the second approach is yet to yield an empirically accepted treatment for West Nile virus even though suggested management practices have been containable in affected persons. (Klenk and Komar, 2003). Whiles using the two broad approaches above, different authors have made observations about the outcomes that each approach has produced. As far as the preventive model is concerned, it has generally been praised as being effective for long term management of the disease (Kramer and Bernard, 2001). This is because using a localize approach takes very long time for the interventions that work to be replicated all across the country. For example after the intervention has worked perfectly in one state, introducing it in a new state requires several research and development (R&D) that may study the new demographic data of the people in the state and how best they can respond to the intervention. What is more, the preventive intervention demands the use of a lot of quarantine methodologies that ensure that people who are diagnosed with the disease are not mingled with non-affected persons (Luanda, 2010). This is also a very difficult goal to achieve, as far as the preventive intervention is concerned. But clearly in states where the process has been used, Hubalek (2000) debates that the results have been highly tremendous in ensuring that cases that are seen as seen no more. With the national curative approach, various authors have praised it for its short term benefits, stating that it serves as an effective contingency approach that ensures that the health of affected people is secured and protected in the earliest while of diagnosing them with the disease (Wittich, 2007). This can therefore be termed as an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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West Nile Virus Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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