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Hitler's table talk - Essay Example

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Hitler’s personality Various theories and beliefs exist about the famous German leader Adolf Hitler. Many people question his sense of humanity while others his source of inspiration and the motivating factor towards his actions during the World War II…
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Hitlers table talk
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"Hitler's table talk"

Download file to see previous pages The book “Hitler's Table Talk” by Cameron et al. containing private talks by Hitler between 1941 and 1944 reveals important details about Hitler’s personality. This essay discusses Hitler’s personality as the main contributing factor to the actions of Hitler by drawing reference to the book, “Hitler's Table Talk”, as well as other secondary sources. Among the various factors that contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War were activities of one leader Adolf Hitler of Germany. In fact, most of the blame for the outbreak of the war rests on his activities as well as ideologies. As the world went through the Second World War, most people Germans included, hated their dictatorial leader. When the war broke out, other factors contributed to its growth and development to a fully blown war. One of the biggest contributing factors to the actions of Hitler was his personality (Encyclopedia of World Biography web). Although the world knew Hitler as a dictator, he was a religious man, who strongly believed in religion. Little literature exists about this man’s religious affiliations and beliefs. However, Cameron et al reveals that Hitler not only engaged in different talks about religion, but was also a believer in Christianity. He believed that it was only with the help of the Orthodox priest that it was possible to do something on Russia. As such, this shows that he had strong respect for Christianity (Zalampas 6). Further, his agreement that the priest played a big role in uniting the Russians reveals his undisputable respect for the Christians. Although it is not clear whether himself was Christian or not, this recognition of the Christians in the society significantly contributed to the development and shaping of his personality (Giblin 66-70). He even believed in the existence of God, who makes the natural laws throughout the universe. In his description about the nature of God, he agreed that he was mighty and bigger (Cameron et al 3). He even agreed that the Jesuits would play a significant role in the winning of the war against the soviets. Hitler was a philosopher who believed in his philosophies and those of other people. Before he started engaging in talks with other allied nations, he held the philosophy that only war could solve the problems that the world was facing then. Even before the war broke up, Hitler was aware that his activities would spark another war, with much intensity than the first intensity (Hitler 46-50). This was actually his main intention and target. Subsequently, he took his time in developing strong ties with different leaders in order to win their trust. He even developed philosophies such as the philosophy of fear intimidation. He did not see the use of his goods competing with cheap goods from the English region. Rather, he believed that Germany should have controlled the world trade since it had a more superior military then most of the countries involved in the international trade (Cameron et al 9). He believed that despite the differences that existed between Germany and England, the war would unite the two countries, making them friends (Cameron et al 12). Hitler from a tender age was a highly ambitious person, who dedicated his time and efforts in pursuing his dreams. Since a young age, Hitler was a passionate artist who loved painting and drawing. He even used the concept of art in the war against England, as he observed the culture of the English ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hitler'S Table Talk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Hitler'S Table Talk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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Hitler's table talk
...?Hitler Table Talk The book is a record of private conversations and ments attributed to Adolf Hitler from 1941 to 1944. In this book, Hitler expressed his views on diverse matters such as politics, war, education, economics, religion, history, language, e.t.c. The book is organized as a diary, reporting the statements in a sequential manner. On politics, it can be implied from the book that the political tension in Europe, according to Hitler, was a racial one and not a political issue. In fact, the book led me to understand that the motive behind Hitler actions were racial; asserting racial superiority of the Germans. In fact, he viewed Europe as a racial entity not a political entity. He praised the diligence and ingeniousness... German...
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Hitler table talk, 1941-1944
...Hitler table talk 1941-1944: His private conversation enigma book Hitler’s table talk made between 1941 and 1944 is the unplanned statements and conversations that were made by Adolf Hitler. These statements and conversations were secretly recorded by different people, which were later published in different languages. This paper therefore, basically reviews these statements and conversations made during midday and evening meals between Hitler with his friends, staff and associates. The periods that are covered in this book include; July 1941, 1942, 1943 and November 1944. In this book,...
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Hitler's Table Talk
...Hitler’s Table Talk Almost everyone in the world knows Adolf Hitler. He left a mark in this world by his dictatorial rule and speeches he made in different occasions. Hitler was very influential and a good orator and this is clear in the speeches he made in conferences. He had good tactics in the army too, which earned him top ranks. Though he no longer lives, his thoughts still live in the world as he authored several books which have a record of his thoughts. When the world reads his thoughts it gets to understand his instinctual beliefs, which probably influenced his actions. In the book, Hitler’s table...
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Hitlers Table Talk
...FINAL TERM PAPER (GERMANY)” (Your teacher’s due 1 Hitler’s table talk I have chosen a book of Hitler’s table talk 1941-1944, because it covers many historic and humanity aspects such as army of Germany, architectural and historical places, biasness in relation to religion etc. Hitler’s table talk during the period of 1941-1944, illustrates his private conversations in relation to specific topics and scenarios. All of these are discussed on the basis of four years with specific dates. These talks were recorded by various individuals and have been published in many...
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Hitlers table talk
...Hitler’s table talk Adolf Hitler is a famous individual in the history of Germans. He is famous for his dictatorship and intriguing speeches. Many authors have written about him but there are two books he authored to tell the world his story in his own way. These books include My Struggle and Hitler’s table talk. Hitler’s table talk gives a recording of his thoughts in the morning, midday, and night when he was on the table. These are his private conversations that involved different guests. He touched on different topics that he had experienced in his...
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Hitler's Table Talk
... Task Hitlers Table Talk, 1941-1944 Introduction Hitler’s table talk is the conversation made by the governor of Germany,Adolf Hitler, with his visitors and was recorded by few individuals assigned with the responsibility. Hitler’s comments were written in different languages such as French, English, and distributed to other countries. He commented on many topics about his life and future strategy for Germany and his life. The spontaneous conversations were held between 1941 and 1944. Most of the meetings consisted of Hitler and the Nazi leaders who had common interests. Borman and Henry Picker wrote and recorded notes directly from the meeting conversation between the prominent leaders. They wrote information from the comments... the...
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Hitler's Table Talk
... May 7, Hitler’s Table Talk: A Circle of Hatred and Self-Interest Hitler’s Table Talk (Hitler) is a collection and translation of informal conversations in which Hitler talked about his views on various topics. There is a lot of controversy about whether these are actually the words of Hitler, or whether they have been overly-edited and incorrectly translated (Walker). What steers that controversy is the question of whether Hitler was a Christian, an atheist, or something in between (Verum Serum). Hitler is, of course, dead, so there is no way to ask him directly. I read Hitler’s Table Talk very carefully, hoping I could form my own opinion. What I noticed is that the so-called words of Hitler are filled with self-centered ideas... and...
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Hitlers Table Talk
...Hitler’s Table Talk I dont interfere in matters of belief” This is a quote about religion. Hitler was known to be an anti-Semitic from his older years and did not support Christianity. He even ordered millions of Jews to be killed in the holocaust and drove other Christians away. His actions at this point in his life contradict the quote. However, he had a strong and staunch background in Christianity during his younger years and hence that might have been the reason for the quote. He still believed in God and that is why even after leaving the Catholic Church he joined protestant church and continued to worship and hence could not interfere with Christianity because he...
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Hitler's table talk
...Hitlers Table Talk Hitlers private conversations are found in Hitlers table talk made between 1941 and 1944. These talks give us insight of his mind and his views on several aspects of life that are important to us. This certainly helps us to know and evaluate him as a human being with more clarity and precision. On Nature and Its Laws Hitler had high regards for nature and its acts. He stated that a person with an in-depth thinking about the universe would indeed be the man with great harmony with the things (5). He states that laws of nature finally guide us on our path of marching...
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Hitler table talk essay
...Hitler Table Talk Adolf Hitler was a populous German military and political leader born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn along the Austrian-German border to poor peasant parents. His mother was a house cleaner while his father was a customs official. Adolf Hitler led Germany into launching and through the Second World War between 1933 and 1945 when he committed suicide. He bears full responsibility for the deaths of millions, and destruction of property in the Nazi genocide where he was the kingpin. Most synonymous is the fact that Hitler was an orator and therefore was able to convince people to join the Nazi movement, join the war,...
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