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Comparison between Sultan Saladin and Baibars - Essay Example

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Comparison between Sultan Saladin and Baibars Name University Comparison between Sultan Saladin and Baibars After the death of the last Prophet of Muslims, for thousands of years the Islamic world was indulged in a series of jihads to conquer and expand their Muslim territory…
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Comparison between Sultan Saladin and Baibars
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Comparison between Sultan Saladin and Baibars

Download file to see previous pages... Sultan Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin) was the significant leader of the Ayyubid Rule from 1171-1250, and also the first Egyptian leader after the demise of the last Fatimid caliph. The successive period known as the Mamluk Period (1250-1517) was marked by the leadership of Al-Malik Baybars I. Saladin and Baybars are important historic leaders of their time periods and represented intelligently formed armies, great achievements and territorial progressions. Saladin, a Kurd and Baybars, a Turk, were both the famous Muslim leaders of middle Ages who fought valiantly against the crusaders and established glorious Muslim victories in the Middle East. Abu al-Muzaffar Yusuf b. Ayyub known as Salah al-Din which means the Reformer of the Religion was the fundamental founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty. The glorious dynasty ruled over Egypt, upper Iraq, Syria and Yemen for a long period of time. His claim to fame is considered as the capture of Jerusalem from the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1187. He also played a crucial role in opposing the crusaders. In his initial years, Saladin was a part of the Syrian military expeditions in Egypt and fought to defend the Fatimid caliphate against the forces of Jerusalem. Saladin came into power and gained prominence when he was appointed as the commander of the Syrian forces. He proclaimed the return of Sunni Islam in 1171. Till 1186, he expanded the Muslim land and combined the lands of Egypt, Syria and Mesopotomia. With unifying major Muslim lands and gaining immense power, Saladin strengthened his grounds for facing the Christian crusaders and their threats (Bowering et al 2013). Saladin was very enthusiastic and religiously motivated while fighting the crusaders to protect the Holy Islamic lands and landmarks. Baha al-Din wrote about Saladin, “In his love for the Jihad on the path of God he shunned his womenfolk, his children, his homeland, his home and all his pleasures, and for this world he was content to dwell in the shade of his tent with winds blowing through left and right” Thus, the writer has narrated that Saladin’s goals and desire for success were of utmost importance to him (Nicolle & Dennis 2011). Saladin ruled for twenty four years out of which he spent eight years in Cairo. He established schools, hospitals and improved infrastructure (Asante, 2002). Saladin was remembered even by his enemies because of his honesty, chivalry and generosity. Unlike other Muslim emperors he was not cruel to his subordinates. He altered tax structure in Egypt supported higher education (Frank N Magill, 1998). It was in his reign that he brought the Mamluk Circassians and Turks from the Black Sea region and they were also allowed to own land, raise families and even gain social prominence (Asante, 2002). The main achievement of Saladin was that he won the Battle of Hattin in 1187 and conquered not only Jerusalem but also much of the Crusader kingdom. In 1187, Saladin announced jihad against the Christians who had invaded the Middle East. The invasion included attempts to conquer the Holy Land. As commander of the Muslim forces, he gathered the Muslim allies, soundly defeated the Christians and regained rule in the city of Jerusalem. His army expressed acts of chivalry and nobility that were highly appreciated and admired by the enemies themselves and was contrasted with the crusaders; brutality. Saladin signed a peace agreement with the King of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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