The Fall of Jerusalem ( the battle of Hattin) 1187 - Essay Example

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Zengi took over the muslims in 1144 this people took into control the city of Eedessa, and by the end of the year 1150 the country was no more, every part was already full of…
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The Fall of Jerusalem ( the battle of Hattin) 1187
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Download file to see previous pages Despite Saladins superiority and power in numbers, capturing of Jerusalem was not a foregone conclusion. This can be viewed when Saladin’s army was defeated by king Baldwin iv, despite the fact that Saladin had many distractions like Mosul (Frank 1). The capturing of Jerusalem was not something which was not there the armies had an extremely good plan. During the battle of Montgisard in the year 1177, Saladins army was frightened and was defeated by King Baldwin IV.
On the sea of Galillee in 1187, Saladin’s army overwhelmed Tiberias. Raymond of Tripoli thought that, the Crusader army should be careful despite the fact that his wife was at Tiberias. The pressure that was there would force him to withdraw (Frank 1). Some people still forced the king of Lusignan to attack with no fear of anything because they were to give him support. On July, the army from Crusader arrived at Sephoria they knew everything they wanted was available there, and they will not face many difficulties. Sephoria had a strong position, and there was plenty of water. For another time, Raymond tried to keep away with disaster.
The march was slowed down by constant attack from Saladins horse archers. After some time, the wells, which were the source of water dried. Later in the day, the Crusader army had reached Hattin, the army was fully armed and ready for total war. The Templars Constant attack from Saladins horse archers slowed the march. The Temlars begged for an end of the days march (Frank 1). When Guy agreed, Raymond was not happy because he knew exactly that the kingdom was lost. The army camped for years at Hattin this led to two low hills being named the Horns Of Hattin. They thought that they were going to find water, but all the wells were dry, the next day in the morning they were surrounded by enemies. In their desperation, they found the christian army (Frank 1).
Due to lack of water this led to christians moving from their location to the road that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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