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The Crusades Saladin - Research Paper Example

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The paper concerns Saladin. Before Saladin came to be, there was accumulated tension among the Christians and Muslims, which led to vicious religious wars referred to as crusades. Crusades describe a series of religious expeditionary wars undertaken…
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The Crusades Saladin
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Extract of sample "The Crusades Saladin"

Download file to see previous pages The paper "The Crusades Saladin" discusses The Crusades Saladin. Besides heavy casualties, the expeditions influenced its participants in their various aspects of life to adopt new mannerisms, foods, cultural outlooks, learning, and weapons. The Born Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb in 1138, Saladin emerged as a powerful and most influential Muslim sultan of his time. During his reign, Saladin led troops in wars geared at regaining holy lands such as Jerusalem, which were lost during earlier battles. This was achieved by conquering and unifying warring factions before defeating King Richard I of England in the Third crusade. As such, Saladin is regarded as a great leader for his role in uniting and leading the Muslim world into crusades such as the battle of Hattin through to the Third Crusade. This paper illustrates the life of Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb with regard to his rise to power, leadership, and crusades. Saladin’s heritage is subject to debate among historians who fail in consensus on his paternal family origins. Some describe him as a Kurd while others illustrate an Arab and Turkish ancestry. Saladin’s father, Najm ad-Din Ayyub was a warden at Tikrit fortress after rising in prominence as a wealthy Kurdish chief and a noble Muslim before Saladin was born. For this reason, Ayyub developed administrative skills that made him useful to the then ruler. Tikrit was a significant city as a scholars centre to both Christians and Muslims. The thirst for power and wealth saw Ayyub assist a rival leader....
However, the thirst for power and wealth saw Ayyub assist a rival leader, Imad ad-Din Zangi Lord of Mosul, after his defeat by offering them refuge in Tikrit. Similarly, Shirkuh, Saladin’s uncle was accused of murder, which forced Ayyub and his family to flee with his family on the same night the Saladin was born (Nicolle 10). In 1139, Saladin's family moved to Mosul where Zangi received them and proceeded to appoint Ayyub as the commander of his fortress in Baalbek, Syria as acknowledgement of his help. Saladin spent most of his early life in Baalbek following his father’s military career, which would later play a critical role in nurturing his leadership skills. Saladin’s early childhood education focused on religion, ethics, and culture, which involved learning Arabic, poetry, grammar, and formal prayers (Burhan). In addition, Saladin studied the Koran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad as demanded in accordance to Islamic traditions. Over time, he was mainly interested in learning Islamic principles concerning Christians and Jews owing to the prevalent barbaric crusades in Jerusalem. This interest can also be attributed to the day he was born as his family was exiled following the murder of a Christian by his uncle. Saladin failed to understand how Islam called for noble treatment of Christians and Jews even as they were involved in massacres in Jerusalem, in the name of crusades. In spite of the controversy surrounding the ill treatment of Muslims by Christians, Saladin was guided by Sufism, which sought for a higher spiritual life and closer intimacy with God. With great influences such as his father and uncle, Saladin grew up in a cultured environment of Damascus where he completed his education. It is indicated that Saladin got ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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