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Discuss the dual role of security sector in the arab world as both a source of political stability and instability - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date The Security Sector in the Arab World Security sector in the Arab world is among the most important sectors within each of the countries within it because of the highly tense atmosphere that permeates this region. Each of the Arab countries has invested significant amounts of its resources in its security sector as it has been recognized for a long time that this region is one which has a potential for conflicts, especially when one considers its sectarian nature…
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Discuss the dual role of security sector in the arab world as both a source of political stability and instability
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"Discuss the dual role of security sector in the arab world as both a source of political stability and instability"

Download file to see previous pages As such, an analysis will have to be made concerning the role that the security sector has played, and continues to play, within the Arab world with reference to stability. The security forces of the various Arab countries have been involved in a diverse number of conflicts since they were formed, and as a result have been a cause of instability in the region. One will find that as long as the Lebanese conflict took place, security forces of the Arab countries that neighbor Lebanon contributed to its falling apart as each of them attempted to protect their own interests. It has been found that none of the countries that were involved in this conflict saw any reason for the peaceful solution of the Lebanese sectarian conflict, and instead they all supported their own sectarian factions within the country. For example, Syria gave its full support to Hezbollah and Alawite militia groups, while Libya and Egypt supported the various Sunni militias. All of the security forces of the Arab states involved in this conflict, wanted the sectarian factions that they supported to take over Lebanon so that it could be used as a base for attacking Israel in a war, which many of them believed, was inevitable (Haddad, 589). The loss of life among the native Lebanese population was massive, but this did not end the conflict as one would have expected, since the various security forces involved in the conflict were determined to make themselves dominant within Lebanon. Instead, this conflict became even worse, with each of the sectarian factions even more determined to establish its dominance all over the country. The security sector of the Arab world, therefore, had a direct hand in the causing of the Lebanese crisis since each of the countries involved attempted to use Lebanon to achieve its own ends. Among the reasons which have led to the influence of the security sector in the Arab world is the wealth that has been brought about by the oil boom in some of the countries in the region. The huge finances that have been gotten from the sale of oil have gone a long way in ensuring that the security forces of the oil rich countries are well equipped and paid so that they can easily deal with dissent from the population. The security forces as well as the oil wealth that backs their operations have enabled the rulers of most Arab countries to be less accountable to their people since they do not rely on them for the purpose of funding governmental activities, as they do not rely on taxes. The oil wealth, which some of these governments within the Arab world have control over, has tended to act as a means of their maintaining power because they have the funding needed not only to buy out the opposition, but also to maintain the loyalty of the security forces (Ghalioun, 129). In some cases, such as that in Bahrain, where the monarchy was almost overthrown, these repressive regimes have had the support of the security forces of their more powerful allies in maintaining their grip on power (Dalacoura, 75). In Bahrain, the demonstrations and government assaults that took place at the height of the Arab Spring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Dual Role of Security Sector in the Arab World As Both a Essay.
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