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Female Rural-urban Immigration in China - Research Paper Example

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China is a third world country whose economy has grown rapidly. This paper focuses on the economy of China and how it was finally reformed since 1978. It also analyses why most people in China, precisely female, preferred to work in the urban areas of China to working in the rural areas…
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Female Rural-urban Immigration in China
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Extract of sample "Female Rural-urban Immigration in China"

Download file to see previous pages The main reason why China aimed at establishing such a market system is to enable links to rural, urban, domestic as well as international markets. The intended market system would also promote the efficient resource allocation (Meng, 77). The establishment of a security system would ensure social stability as well as the development of the economy. In 1997, the Chinese government emphasized on the importance of private sectors in the social economy of China with the claim that they encourage the profitability of factors of production such as capital, labor and technology. It was until 2001 when major achievements were realized in the various fields and reforms were then running smoothly. At the present China has established a market system that plays the role of ensuring efficient allocation of resources. Future plan include establishing a fully developed market economy by the year 2020 (Meng, 78). As an already developed country, China’s economy is now characterized by huge infrastructural developments such as roads and industries. It is also characterized by advanced technology which has come to replace human labor in their work places, good education and health facilities whose working conditions are hygienic. Workers in various institutions in the country especially in the urban areas are paid high wages. Roads, industries, agriculture and health facilities such as pharmaceuticals all contribute to the Gross Domestic Product of China which is continuing to increase. Population increase has also been realized in China. Population statistics of China indicate that the female population is less than the male population. Over the past decades, birth rates included eighty girls out of...
This paper stresses that the major elements included in the reform of China’s economy included: agricultural sector, enterprises owned by the state, price system, financial sector, infrastructure and the welfare system at large. As from 1984, the restructuring of the China economy was moved from rural regions to the urban areas. The major aspects in the reform of the economy in China included developing the economic elements while placing the economy’s public sector in a major position. The requirements of the market economy had to be met and this had to be strictly ensured by changing the enterprises owned by the state to fit in the modern system of enterprise. The main reason why China aimed at establishing such a market system is to enable links to rural, urban, domestic as well as international markets.
This essay declares that migration in China before 1978 was rampant and this resulted to high population flows especially in the urban areas. Population movement then became an issue of concern by the Chinese Government. After the Chinese war, most people were moved back to their villages and other moved to cities to look for jobs. Urban cities were magnets for the rural residents who aimed at benefiting from the state. Later, the Government realized that there were a huge number of people moving into cities and it criticized the blind population flow. Later on, the government introduced the Ho Kou system which checked and regulated the movement of people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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