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Personal review of the 6-hour TV series The Day the World Took Off (2000) - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The Day the World Took Off As its subtle title says, The Day the World Took off T.V series explores the distinct roots of the industrial revolution (Diamond, Jared and James 65). As the commentators highlight through their decisive discussion, the series helps to unearth the heights, the depths of the era of industrialization back in 1830s…
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Personal review of the 6-hour TV series The Day the World Took Off (2000)
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"Personal review of the 6-hour TV series The Day the World Took Off (2000)"

Download file to see previous pages The commentators espouse all these routes, where it all began, the moments when the world took off. Through the perspective of the commentators, this six-hour series accounts for the provisions and the long-term history that led to the unending social, economic, political and intellectual developments, which have literally shaped the differential development of the modern world. First, the commentators in the series bring history to life for the general audience in their fascinating cross-examinations of laid down modernizations of former years. In their own capacity, the commentators have succinctly supplemented the long read philosophy in the books by helping make this bold step seems like yesterday’s thinking. It is a series, which create originality to the developers of today’s modernization, and helps make everything feasible. It helps to trace the path to our current global status in terms of industrialization and the spillover benefits we enjoy because of the former groundbreaking work (Diamond, Jared and James 102). There are plenty of bracing surprises in this series. The commentators raise the familiar odysseys to the growth of manufacture in Britain. According to their perspective, this was one of the areas that ascribe to the rationale behind the name, The Day the World took Off. However, it is the sprout of the extensive and exploring multi-purpose railway network that evokes truly new insights and the intricate details of the era. When the commentators repeatedly chant that this period was the ‘root’ of the revolution, they give the exact tone of the times. They bring the intensity of the involvement, the energy, and the fore-sightedness that the pioneers took time to mould. For example, when they pinpoint the extract from Liverpool Mercury, exposing how the then local M.P, William Huskisson becomes the first casualty of the revolution (Diamond, Jared and James ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Personal Review of the 6-Hour TV Series The Day the World Took Off Essay)
Personal Review of the 6-Hour TV Series The Day the World Took Off Essay.
“Personal Review of the 6-Hour TV Series The Day the World Took Off Essay”, n.d.
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