Review of the Carl Jensen work, Stories That Changed America: Muckrakers of the 20th Century - Book Report/Review Example

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Title of the paper: Name: Date About the author Carl Jensen is a renowned Editor holding a PhD from Sonoma State University. He is a founder, national judge and director of Project Censured. In addition, he is Award-winning author of censored yearbooks (1989-1996)…
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Book review of the Carl Jensen work, Stories That Changed America: Muckrakers of the 20th Century
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"Review of the Carl Jensen work, Stories That Changed America: Muckrakers of the 20th Century"

Download file to see previous pages Jensen reveals in the book that he was raised on Horatio Alger and Tom Swift. He saw the country the greatest war and survives the worst economic depression of all times. These experiences gave him the motivation and optimism with which to observe life. This prompted him to believe it is possible to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and that there is always a solution to every problem that encounters us (Jensen 1997, 1-5). Highly informative and exuberantly written, Jensen’s Stories That Changed America examines the work of 21 investigative writers and indicate how their adore efforts helped change USA. In the book you will encounter with great American citizens such as environmentalist Rachel Carson, Margaret Sanger; the former nurse who is associated with the term “birth control”, Malcolm X; African American activist; Ralph Nader, consumer advocate; George Seldes, the most censured American Journalist; John Steinback Noble Prize-Winning novelist and many more. In this book, Jensen describes those who dedicated their lives to fight against civil, social, environmental and political oppressions with their mighty pens. Jensen expands his theme in the book to cover a century of muckrakers. He represents these 21 writers as the pioneers of muckraking and complements the brief excerpts from their work using short biographies (Jensen 1997, 13-15). The book mainly focuses on the journalists and writers who made some sacrifices in order to make a difference through their writing. However, the main thesis of the book is that: problems and challenges are part of life, but with the right people and mind in place, these problems can have a lasting solution. Those who are wiling to make any kind of sacrifice in order to make a positive difference in the society should be encouraged to do so. The best way to fight the evils of Corporate America is to unearth and criticize those evils (Jensen 2000, 205-215). The authors in the book Upton Sinclair The end of the 19th century was a time of prosperity and excess for the power elite in America. By 1860, the country had three American millionaires; however, by 1901 the number had risen to 3,800. Corporate America ruled the nation with few regulations and little government monitoring. It never took a great insight to identify that electoral fraud, unsafe, poverty; monopolistic practices, child labor exploitation, segregation and civil rights violations were leading to the breakdown of the society. A group of men and women reacted to these malpractices and made their voice heard as they challenge these wealthy individuals who were disintegrating the society. One of these great men was Upton Sinclair (Jensen 2000, 54-60). Through his writings, he exposed economic and political corruption and social hardship caused by these greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians. He was an undercover instigative author and he is considered one of the storytellers of the century. He published the novel The Jungle in 1906, which was a research and fact based (Jensen 1997, 23-25). David Graham Philips It was the peak of Progressive Era politics when publishers, journalists, and some legislators complemented each other through an investigative series that lead to exposure and hence correction of the social problems that encountered most Americans. David Graham Phi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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