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2 short journal entries - Essay Example

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In 2013, 33 percent of US journalists said they had “almost complete freedom” in selecting their stories.
Notably, then, the Preamble to the Constitution makes no…
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2 short journal entries
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Extract of sample "2 short journal entries"

Download file to see previous pages Secrecy, by contrast, concerns what citizens may know, and the citizen is not told what may not be known.”
Government restrictions on press credentialing as documented in the June 2014 study, and the government’s de facto position that embedded journalists have reduced First Amendment rights, as highlighted by Manning’s editorial, point to crisis of the free press, one of the most fundamental institutions in a democratic society.
First and most obviously: in 2014, corporate media continue to reproduce what Hall termed “official ideologies of the status quo”- not simply reflecting a “consensual” style of politics but also reinforcing it by blocking certain kinds of events and actors from achieving news worthy status.
It’s well known that burning fossil fuels in the form of coal, oil, and natural gas releases carbon dioxide into the air. Less understood is that a quarter of this carbon dioxide- about twenty trillion pounds, every year- is absorbed by oceans.
Governments and international organizations are least concerned with damages caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and this negligent behavior of the policy makers have resulted in the unprecedented increase of ocean acidification.
The top ten countries and their expected assistance (in millions of current US dollars) are as follows: Israel 3,100; Afghanistan 2,200; Egypt 1,600; Pakistan 1,200; Nigeria 693; Jordan 671; Iraq 573; Kenya 564; Tanzania 553; Uganda 456
Three former General Electric bankers- Dominick Carollo, Steven Goldberg, and Peter Grimm- had been convicted in 2012 for rigging auctions of municipal bonds, essentially stealing from projects intended to build public schools, hospitals, libraries, and nursing homes in virtually every US state.
Exploiting the world’s resources and governments with criminal impunity, a wealthy elite- sporting an estimated $32 trillion in tax-exempt offshore havens- are the deep dark secret of plutocratic imperialism, operating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2 Short Journal Entries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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