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The Itnerarium Pereginorum et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of the Third Crusade) - Research Paper Example

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The Third Crusade Instructor “The Itinerrium Peregrinorum et Gesta Regis Richard” and “The Crusade of Richard Lion-Heart” by Ambroise are nice chronicles of events that took place during the third crusade. Ambroise gives elaborate events that took place during that error of the crusade under the opposing leadership of the King of England, Richard, and the Muslim leader, Maladine, who are both known figures of the crusade…
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The Itnerarium Pereginorum et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of the Third Crusade)
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"The Itnerarium Pereginorum et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of the Third Crusade)"

Download file to see previous pages The paper is also meant to inform the readers of the figures that were behind the crusade and how each of them contributed to the struggle of rescuing and maintaining the ruler-ship of Jerusalem. The genre with which this work is written is kind of a narrative with blends the illustrations and examples that vividly make the reader grasp every element of the author’s thought. The text is elaborate and the evidences given are backed by references from other works thus authenticating it beyond doubts. The text though seems to be biased towards its analysis and projection of the opponent, the Muslim, who is the occupant of Jerusalem. Their leader Saladin is portrayed as a bad person yet to some extent the things that he did were much similar to those that Richard of England did. Richard is defended in the text for his deeds and he is showered with praises all through the text. Firstly, Richard is portrayed as a leader and a warrior who is a schemer with great intelligence. He thinks ahead of time and he takes due consideration of his subject. During the initial stages of the third crusade, he knew and he had a feeling that it was very possible to conquer Jerusalem, but it needed more than that1. In his wisdom, there was a possibility of the win but maintaining the city after the conquest would pose a great challenge for him. This is because the soldiers and the crusaders would have loved to go back home to their people who had missed them. As the King, he had the authority of forcing the soldiers to take guard of the city but instead, his understanding stood open and in that consideration, he laid further strategies of laying the attack without offending his people both at home and in the battlefield. In the effect of this, Richard upon the in-depth analysis and understanding of the situation. He came to the realization that the dual combination of the Saladin’s powerful control of Egypt and Syria permitted him to in effect take control and surround the crusaders. Because of his deep concern for others and the loyalty that he enjoyed, he had the stamina of power and humor of love that made him a powerful man in the crusade. He had the audacity to face danger and even in the farce face of defeat, he lost no hope and with resilience, he often snatches victory from the hand of defeat. This made his people believe in him. It is a natural thing that people would always follow the leader who assures them victory even in the face of confusion. His strategies were clear and even when there was uncertainty in the direction to follow, he promised victory by offering clear formula and methods of war and attacks2. Richard is further portrayed to have human attitude. He is empathetic and never had he wanted to put people to death. This is a thought which is quite paradoxical. When he was faced with conflicting situations, he had no choice but to slay a number of people. At the time, he wanted to make advances to the south, he was faced with a situation. He had two options; to set the war prisoners free or to leave a section of his soldiers in the guard or to kill them. As a rational thinker and a competent soldier, leaving a section of his soldier to take captive the prisoners would weaken his force. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Itnerarium Pereginorum Et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of Research Paper)
The Itnerarium Pereginorum Et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of Research Paper.
“The Itnerarium Pereginorum Et Gesta Regis Ricardis (The Chronicle of Research Paper”, n.d.
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